Judge orders man to shut down blog

My morning ritual, with school out, includes sitting in front of my DELL portal to the world and farming a virtual farm and cruising Yahoo for interesting (or stupid) articles about the greater, wider world outside.

Today I ran into an article that is of interest to me:

Bashing your ex in public is free speech.  Right?

Seems this guy was writing a blog about his divorce/custody battle and how contentious it was getting with his ex-wife.  You can’t access the site now, but seems he was writing to help other people go through a post-divorce life with an ex with borderline personality disorder.

Seems his ex didn’t know about the site, but found it and then told the kids about it.

Then the judge told him to shut it down.

The article resonates with me because, well, my soon-to-be-ex doesn’t know about this site.  He doesn’t know that I have told the world about the details of his girlfriend.  I cannot even imagine his wrath if he ever finds out about this page.

I’m hoping he NEVER finds out about this page.  However, if he does, I hope our divorce is already final.

But, that’s a little off the subject.  The judge ordered him to shut down his blog (which was called The Psycho Ex-Wife – not very original, but I like it) which, I would think, is a clear violation of his First Amendment Rights.  It would seem to me that, because the ex-wife made the page known to the children then she should be punished, not the ex-husband.  Seems to me it shouldn’t matter what is said or what is written, it is this man’s right to write what he wishes about his ex-wife, or anyone else for that matter.

If it is not against the law for a hate-mongering group like Westboro Baptist Church to have a website (where the hate comes hard and fast) then why is it against the law for this man to state what he wishes.  He’s not saying it out loud to the children.  He never names names.  He’s writing a post.  He’s observing and sharing those observations with others.

He’s not shouting these observations from the rooftop and is not, to my knowledge, calling his ex-wife “The Psycho” in front of the kids.  I can just see it – “Hey kids!  Did The Psycho pack you clean underwear for the weekend?  Well, at least The Psycho got it right, for once.”  Yeah, I don’t think he’s doing that.

I think, like me, he is using the blog to get out his frustrations and negative feelings so that they don’t bleed over when dealing with the kids or the world.

This article also raises a very good point – the shutting down of hate speech and such is a criminal matter.  Why did the family court judge (a civil court) feel that she had the right to shut down a blog?  Why didn’t she stop the psycho ex-wife from filing frivolous lawsuits?  I mean, aren’t those stressful for the kids as well?

The man is raising money to appeal the finding.  I’ve donated $1, maybe you can, too?

Save The Psycho Ex-Wife

Being forgotten in my marriage is hard enough.  Being told that I can forget talking about it to all of you, gentle readers, is something else entirely.