Forget Diamonds….say “I Love You” with Farmville

If you read the last post by The Bitter Bitch, you’ll know all has not been great for me the past couple of days.

Imagine my surprise when I see this on my husband’s page:

Who needs diamonds when they have Farmville?

It was titled: “Love is so great”

The Bitch responded:  “Makes you feel young again.  I’m walking on clouds! :)”

Now, I ask you, how would you feel if you saw this on your husband’s page and only he and his girlfriend had “liked” it?  And,  you knew it wasn’t for you?

This is after he had the nerve to say, “I don’t understand how I’m rubbing her in your face,” to me.

Geez – maybe I should spell it out in my Farmville crops so you’ll understand!

Then, this morning, this is what I see on his page:

Geez - not rubbing at all, are you, you douchebag!

This one was titled, “Another great sign of love.”

He sat at his desk with graph paper, in front of our children and his mother and me, and graphed this damn thing out.

I don’t know, asswipe.  How are you rubbing her in my face?

What kills me about these is that he is putting it out there for the whole world to see.  More importantly, he is putting it out there so that anyone in the military can see and this, along with his messages (some of which were highlighted for you in the last post) constitutes adultery under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).  That means that he could lose his career, lose his retirement and health benefits and spend time in jail.

That means that my children could lose their health benefits.

Now, you’re messing with my kids and that isn’t kosher.

I’m at a crossroads here.  My mother (who is the best mom in the world!) says I should consult a lawyer before I run off halfcocked.  She’s right, I  know this and  I’m trying very hard to keep the halfcocked part of me in check.

But there is another part of me that wants to take this to the Chief and his Commander and make sure that they understand that he is being an asshole and that he is in  violation of numerous regulations.

I definitely am going to the JAG with my copies this week.  I want to know what could happen to him with this evidence.  And, as a friend told me the other day, Facebook posts and messages are admissable in Court. That warms the cockles of my heart.

I think what ticks me off the most about these kinds of things on his FB page is that he is showing such disloyalty to me after 16 years of marriage.  Sixteen years of supporting his career and not doing anything with mine.  Sixteen years of making sure that he got to work alright, of being sick and not having anyone to take care of me because the mission was more important.  Sixteen years of putting up with his mental and emotional abuse, the cracks about imaginary boyfriends that he would make to control me.  Sixteen years of having to ask before I could spend a penny because it was “his” money and I didn’t have a job.  Sixteen years of my life tied up with his and what the hell do I have to show for it?

Yes, I have two beautiful children that I have raised, for a good portion of their lives, almost singlehandedly.  I would never regret my kids.  But I regret everything else.  I truly do.

I am sick of having my face rubbed in the fact that he finds me not enough for him anymore and this bitch is suddenly enough after 2o f*in’ years.  What kind of relationship do they have?  One built on a house of cards that consists of memories.

I can’t wait for that house to fall down around his ears.  I can’t wait for him to hurt and then look around and realize that he has lost everything because he wanted to get with her.

Because, by then, I’ll have totally forgotten him and moved on with my life.

He’s not the only one that can do the forgetting.


3 thoughts on “Forget Diamonds….say “I Love You” with Farmville

  1. Your soon-to-be-ex husband is an idiot. You talk to who you need to talk to and let him reap the rewards of his stupidity.

    My ex put pictures of him and his girlfriend up on Facebook after he had moved out but before our divorce was final. I think his brother told him to take that shit down because it was gone within a couple of days.

    Facebook is finding its way into many a divorce proceeding — he will have nothing when you are done, except the bitch — and since he won’t have anything else at that point, she probably won’t want him then.

    Karma’s a bitch.

    Stay strong, you got this.

  2. Men are so stupid. They don’t think who they are hurting as long as they get what they want. It’s as if they forget that they cared about you once before. And that they should show some respect for your feelings.

    You would think they would hold back before they starting seeing someone new. Before throwing so slut in your face. But it’s like the PDX Running Chick said Karma’s a bitch. When you hurt someone without any care in the world, you will get yours…..

  3. What kind of relationship do they have? Just what I always think about my husband and his Oklahoma white trash “friend”. They have fleeting moments. They meet at McDonald’s with her daughter, they text and talk on the phone when her husband is at work. They feed each other’s fragile egos. She isn’t expecting him to pay the mortgage or clean the garage or any of the unpleasantries of marriage. He has no accountability or responsibility to her and vice versa. See how it all seems so much rosier when all you have are careless whispers and Farmville messages. That is priceless by the way.

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