The Bitter Bitch Rides Again

Hello all!  The Forgotten Wife (remember, I call her TFW) has kept me locked up good and tight these past few days, but I’m in full on raging bitch mode today.  Let me fill you in.

That's right - I'm back for your reading pleasure!

So, if you read the last post about the Cuddlefest (I don’t know how she lets that a*hole touch her, but that’s her, not me) you know that things were going alright and TFW was keeping all the bitterness inside.  She also told you in another post that she didn’t want to know what was being said between her soon-to-be-ex and his girlfriend.  But, last night, I took over.

That’s right – it was too good an opportunity to pass up. He left his Facebook page open.  Now what enterprising young woman, going through this, would allow that opportunity to pass her by?

Not this one.

I went into his messages and screen captured everything being said between the two of them.  I’m lucky that we share an iron-clad stomach, cause it was vomit inducing.  Want some excerpts? I’ll call him A (for “a*hole’) and her B (for “bitch).  I’d call him bastard, but the two b’s would be confusing.

Here are some of my favorite posts back and forth, all exactly as they were typed to each other and caught on the screen captures.

She posted in her status:

Every woman deserves a man who calls her baby, to kiss her like he means it, hold her tight like he never wants to let go, doesn’t make her jealous of other owmen, instead makes other women jealous of her, is not scared to let his friends know how much he really loves her.  Repost if you agree.

A:  I LOVE YOU (capitalization his)

B:  I love you MORE!! (capitalization and exclamation marks hers)

A:  I Love you to the moon and back (capitalization his)

On to the messages:

On 8 August he writes: 

This is what I posted to P (a mutual friend)

So Paul I will be the first to tell you.  Amy and I are getting back together after 20 years.  I am going to go visit her in Sept and take it one day at a time.  I hope things work out between us this time.  She stole my heart 20 years ago and hasn’t give it back….

I told you it was vomit inducing.

Here’s another:

B:  Have you seen my status?? It about you 🙂 (verbatim)

A:  Who would have every thought I would get a second chance after almost 20 years?? I am so excited and can’t wait to see what the future holds.  Thank you for still being “you” after all these years 🙂

I saw this when you first posted it. (speaking of her status which he pasted and copied in this message)

A: I can’t wait until we can get started with our lives together. (verbatim)

And another:

B:  Hey – who loves you more than anything in the world??

A: you do **blushing** (asteriks his)

B: Damn skippy I do!

Is that enough?  Are you all vomiting yet? 

Oh wait, there’s more.  I think that this is just the icing on the cake.  We must remember that he has asked for the divorce, but we have not signed any separation paperwork or anything.  We are, for all intents and purposes under the law still married.  Here’s the one that just kicks it for me:

B: I hate sending you messages on here because on the right hand side of the screen it shows wall photos from your profile and profile pics and of course the two of you and her are there and then one by herself.  I know it’s not your fault but just kinda distraction.  Sorry I thought I’d share that with you.  Just kinda ruined the moment for sending those songs, that’s all.

A: How do I get rid of those so you can’t see them

B: I don’t want you to do that. If you get rid of them I’d rather you take them off completely and that’s something you have to do when you’re ready. not because of me.

Thanks baby

A: I don’t really care if the pictures are there or not. However, i just tried to get rid of them and have no idea how to delete them.

That’s the man that I spent the last 16 years supporting.  Too damn stupid to be able to untag himself in pictures on FB and too dumb to delete stuff so that his bitch of a girlfriend doesn’t have to see it.  I almost, almost went and untagged him in all the pics on my page, but then I thought, “I want her moment to be ruined.”  So, they stayed.  Cause I’m not going to make this easy for them.

Yeah, so that’s where we are.  Now, I have to keep it to myself that I have seen these messages, but TFW is finally listening to me.  He’s posting this crap on FB for the world to see and I’m gonna use that rope that he keeps giving me to hang him.  I will OWN him when this is all over.  Let him go visit her in September.  When the private investigator gets done with him, I’ll have his career and all of his money.

Before it was about pride.  Now it’s about revenge.

You don’t want me?  You want her?  Let’s see how much she wants you when you are penniless and your paycheck goes to me.  Let’s see how she likes you then. 

Yeah, it’s gonna get nasty.

I’m taking the screen captures, which have those messages and so much more, to his chain of command this week and to the JAG to see what can be done without really doing anything.  Just information gathering, I guess you could say.  I want all the leverage I can get.

It’s harder and harder to keep me at bay, as TFW is finding out.  Just looking at him makes me want to puke and TFW’s stomach won’t be able to hold out much longer.

I’m making her take steps to ensure that she gets everything that she deserves.

I’m also taking steps to make sure that we are never, ever forgotten.  Ever.


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