It’s finished.

I’ve been going to school off and on for the last 20 years. I changed a major and then joined the military, got married, had a child, went overseas.  This is where I started my next round of college with an esteemed college in the northeast.  For the last 12 years I have been with this institution and I just completed my last formal essay for my bachelor’s degree.

This was no small feat.  Raising two children, having a husband that is gone a lot because of his job, moving houses because of his job – it takes out of a girl.  Add to this the fact that I am bi-polar and it makes it doubly hard.

I signed up for my last four classes this summer knowing that I could finish by tomorrow (Aug 21) and be done with the formal part of my education.  I have to test out of one class (somehow I missed taking a 200 level course) and I’ll be finished with my degree.

Then he asked me for a divorce.  It was completely unexpected, especially considering that just two weeks before we had taken a nice family vacation to the Shore and had made plans for the upcoming year and his retirement.  It caught me totally off guard.

I spent the next month in a tailspin and didn’t attend my online courses like I should have.  I finally bit the bullet (a big deal for me since I’m more like an ostrich) and emailed my instructors with what had happened.  They were all very kind and allowed me to submit papers late to make sure that I didn’t fail.  One of my teachers was kind of curt with me until I posted in the classroom some of what I had been going through.  She sent me an email saying that she was proud that I had stuck it out with all that was going on in my life.

To be honest, I’m proud of myself.

The work wasn’t the best I have ever done (the essays, especially) and I actually recycled some papers I had done a couple of semesters ago (something I had never, ever done in the past) but I was desperate to pass these classes.  If I didn’t pass, I didn’t finish and I would have lost my grant and had to pay back money.

Not an option.

So I busted my ass for the last two weeks, turned out somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 papers and got it all done on time.  I turned in the final paper yesterday at 11:35 p.m., a full 25 minutes before it was due.

I am rightly proud of myself.  If it wasn’t so late, I would have gone outside and yelled it to the heavens!

I may be forgotten, I may be in the process of getting divorced, but I am educated, by damn!

And that is something that I will forever be proud of!


4 thoughts on “It’s finished.

  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! A degree is something NO ONE can take away from you! Despite all the turmoil lately, you were able to find it within yourself to finish…I know a lot of people who would have given up. Now, you just need a chance to show the world how great you are!

  2. Congratulations!!!! You are awesome!! So many people going through half of what you’re going through have walked away from the demand of school — you certainly SHOULD be proud of yourself! I am very proud of you!!

    Have a great week!

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