Pictures hurt

So, this afternoon he was messing around on Facebook. If you’ll recall, his bitch mentioned that seeing pictures of me on his page “ruined the moment’ for her (Like I’m crying over that) and that she didn’t want him to delete the pics until he was ready.

You may also recall that he couldn’t figure out how to delete or untag.

When I came back downstairs (after a very satisfying nap) I went to his page and all of the pics of us from the Shore had been taken out of his banner.

I know I shouldn’t feel betrayed by this, because I’ve already picked out the pictures I’m replacing him with in the myriad of frames that I have around the house. But I do. It’s like another little death, another slap in the face.

Another reminder that the 16 years I gave him weren’t enough.

I still haven’t untagged him from the pictures on my facebook page. I won’t do that till the divorce is final.

Not because I want his face all over my page but because I want to ruin her moment.

Sometimes it’s not the big stuff that hurts the most. Sometimes it’s the little things.


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