Boo bear and other stupid, sappy nicknames

So, I think that in the past month we have established that my husband is not the brightest bulb in the box.  And it continues.

He left his FB open on his computer and I checked it this morning.  There was a new exchange on her page that is, as usual, nausea inducing.

Let me share.  Remember she is B (for bitch) and he is A (for asshole).  All exchanges are verbatim.  If you are like me, you can bemoan the lack of good grammar and punctuation.

A:  Good Morning puddin

B: Good Morning to you too pumpkin. lol You are such a nut!

A: damn, how many nicknames are you going to give me

B: Well let’s see, you can’t be “Boo Bear” any more because will not go for that – lol So I had to come up with something in response to your cleaver dessert name of “puddin”. I’ve to stay on my toes with you, you know lol

A: 😀 you can try but I don’t think you are up for the task at hand


B: Hope you have a great day Pumpkin Doodle. hehe

A: Thank you, I hope your day is filled with great thought of me. I love you Vanilla Puddin

B: Love you too pookie

A: Lol, I can handle Pookie.

Alright, let me point out a few things.

1 – this is totally disgusting for so many reasons.  Really?  Pumpkin Doodle?  These are both people in their 40’s, I swear.

2 – Boo Bear is a no go for the asshole because that is what I called our children when they were smaller.

3 – I hope to God that both of these people have someone that will proofread their papers and memos for the rest of their lives.

4 – The asshole should never try to quote Sherlock Holmes.

5 – A 40-year-old man being alright with being called Pookie is just too much for any sane adult to handle.

I think my lawyer is going to love what I’ve gathered for her. 🙂

And for allowing himself to be called “Pookie,” he deserves whatever he gets.

I have to go brush my teeth now and take a shower, cause this was just disgusting.


2 thoughts on “Boo bear and other stupid, sappy nicknames

  1. BTW – perhaps you should consider letting Bitter Bitch come out to play for a few days. Being stuffed up your ass so long can’t be good for her complexion . . . let the girl breathe, willya????

    (yeah, I miss her)

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