Is anyone in the market for a bridge?

I think my husband thinks I’m the stupidest person in the world. I really believe he believes that I will take as truth any words that come out of his mouth, that I’m still buying into his tripe.

Yes, he is just that delusional.

Let me illustrate.

I don’t recall if I told y’all about this huge blow out fight we had the weekend after he returned from seeing his girlfriend in North Carolina.  It was a huge fight.  HUGE.  We yelled and broke plates and screamed horrible things at each other. (Luckily, neither of the children were home when we did this)  He ran upstairs and took the laptop out of my room and put an administrator password on it and wouldn’t give me the password.  Well, coincidence of coincidence, it crashed that night.

Amazing how that happens, isn’t it.

I took it to a place that said they could fix it and then found out that it was truly out of my price range.  I was desperate to save the pictures that were on there and my school papers, but they wouldn’t do it for less than $300.  I couldn’t afford it.  So, this guy in my husband’s squardron offered to take a look at it for free and figure out if he could save it.

A month goes by and another month.  The guy won’t answer my emails and I don’t push too hard because I figure my husband has put him in a hard place to try to not make waves at work and not get me totally pissed at him.

Then, today, my husband comes home and tells me that the computer is on its way to Korea becuase this guy’s packers accidently packed it and that the guy will have to mail it back when he gets there.

Yeah, just how stupid do you think I am?

He truly believes that I’m buying off on this crap.  How many of you believe that this is the truth?  I mean, I know that the packers will pack anything in reach (including full trash cans), but this is just a little too convenient.

So, now I’m out a laptop and don’t have the money to replace it.  It was going to be my computer and I was going to get it in the divorce.  But he really wanted it.  In fact, he told me it was his because he had bought it with his money.  He bought it three years ago, which would make it “our” money – although he has never seen it that way.  For 16 years it has been “his” money and he has to give me any spending money.

Can you see why I’m not fighting this divorce at all?  The humiliation and emotional and mental abuse has been enough to wear me down to a nub.  I’m tired.  Just tired.

However tired I may be doesn’t mean that I’ve suddenly gone stupid.

So, who wants to buy that bridge?


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