And the hits keep coming….

So, my husband asked my permission to take the kids to his mother’s house for Thanksgiving.  I reluctantly agreed for two reasons: 1) my children should spend time with my husband before he moves to Virginia; and, 2) they should spend time with their grandmother (my mother-in-law) cause, God knows, I won’t be taking them up there.

But I miss them already.  They’ve only been gone three hours and the house is way, way too quiet. I miss them more than I thought they would.  Especially after yesterday when they couldn’t stop fighting and bitching and whining!

However, I am enjoying the fact that I don’t have to fight anyone for the television and that no one is fighting over the PS3.

But enough about that.  The pity party is short this weekend.  I have things to do, paperwork to put together……

Ahhhh, damn, doesn’t she whine?  I get tired of if sometimes!

Yes, it’s me….The Bitter Bitch.  I’m back, baby!

So, today, the whiny girl that was here earlier, was packing the kids’ clothes.  Her asshole, er, dickhead, er, jerkwad, er, um….um….husband.  That’s right, husband. (God, I can’t wait till she dumps that 280 lb sack of crap).  Her husband had last used the large suitcase to visit his girlfriend in North Carolina for 9 days.  (Yeah, you read that right – he went and visited for 9 days).  When they had their big fight, he tried to tell her that he hadn’t slept with the bitch, er, whore, er, girl.  That’s right, girl. 

Well, I can say one thing for the whiny girl, she didn’t believe him for a second.  The earring that showed up on the dryer a couple of days after he got home kind of confirmed that he had slept with her.  But what she found in the suitcase kinda sewed it up.

What did she find, you ask?


That’s right – the little blue pill.  Cause that man is not man enough to keep it up, even for his little piece of ass on the side. 

Isn’t that some shit? He didn’t even try to hide it.  Just left it there in the suitcase to be found. 

And the hits just keep on coming.


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