Never thought this would happen….

So, for those of you that have read my posts about my mother-in-law (found here and here) know that I have no love for the woman.  She has managed to talk about me behind my back, in front of my children, has ignored my children, has lied to my husband about me, yelled at me, stormed out of my house, rearranged my kitchen without my permission… goes on and on.

I truly tried to be the daughter-in-law that was good.  I wanted to have a good relationship with her, but her behavior made that impossible.

Yet here I am feeling pity for her.

Her husband of over 40 years walked out on her and moved in with a younger woman.  Doesn’t give her very much money and she can’t afford a lawyer.  He could sell the house out from under her and she wouldn’t be able to stop it.

I feel sorry for her.

I won’t reach out to her, mostly because I don’t want her drama in my life.  I have enough of my own, thank you.  I won’t send her a reassuring note to tell her that she’ll make it through.  I won’t talk to her at all.

Again, this is one of the bonuses of this divorce.

But I do feel sorry for her.

However, it strikes me as funny (not in a haha way) that her own son is in the process of doing what her husband did to her and she is alright with the behavior.  In fact, I’ll guarantee that she hasn’t even seen the similarities in the situations.

Because she’s just a delusional as her son.  Again, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I do wish her the best, though.  She’s a tough old bird and I know that she will make her husband’s life a living hell.

That’s something to smile about…and emulate 🙂


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