this is how low you’re willing to stoop?

As any of you that have read any of my posts know, I’m going through a divorce. Included in this is the cliched custody battle. Adding a little wrench to the works is that my husband has military orders to VA in a little over 4 weeks. Nothing has been settled and things aren’t moving as quickly as I had hoped.

Maybe the fact that I owe my lawyer $1000 on her retainer has something to do with it. Not sure where I’m gonna come up with that kind of scratch.

Maybe I’ll just poo it out one day. Wouldn’t that be nice?

My youngest son started out telling me that his dad was an ass and a jerk and that he didn’t want to live with him. Several weeks, and psychological warfare sessions, later, my youngest has changed his tune. Now he wants to live with daddy and he is deliberately not listening to me when I tell him to do things. Then when my husband tells him to do the very same thing, it’s “Yes, Daddy. Whatever you say, Daddy,”

How did my husband achieve this? Through bribery and telling my son that the only reason I wanted him to live with me was because I’m a bitch and I just don’t want my husband to have him. That I want more money and I’ll get it if I have both of the boys. He bribed him with a puppy and an indoor soccer league.

So, now, my husband is doing irreparable damage to my relationship with my son and I can do nothing about it because I’ve been instructed by my lawyer not to speak to the children about custody issues.

And my lawyer won’t return my calls or answer my emails.

Yeah, it’s been a great weekend. How was yours?


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