The Bitter Bitch is Back.

Hello all. Yes, it’s me. The Bitter Bitch. Usually that girl keeps me locked up, but tonight….tonight it’s time for me to ride again.

It feels so good to be let out of that cage. Feel the wind in my hair. Sharpen my claws. You know…enjoy the good life.

Her husband is still an ass. Tonight, we have more proof to that end. Oh, and more proof (like it was needed *snort*) that he is an idiot.

He tried to sell this story about how his father wanted him to come home so that they could go out for New Year’s Eve. Then he told her that his mom wanted him to pick someone up from the train station in Philly for New Year’s Eve. Sounded a little fishy to me.

You know, if she would just admit that I’m always right, it would save a whole lot of heartache.

She got on the computer and, lo and behold, he had left his facebook open again. There was a message from someone she didn’t recognize. I won’t reveal her name (because it is a child) and it said, “Guess we’re coming up there for New Years. I can’t wait!” He says, “It should be fun. Maybe it’ll snow while you’re here.” She says, “I hope so! I love snow!”

When she went to see who this child belongs to, she found that it was the bitch’s daughter!

That’s right, folks! Her husband is bringing his girlfriend and her daughter
to his mother’s house for New Year’s Eve!

He’s also bought her a dress so that he can take her out for New Year’s to party. Something that, in the 16 years of marriage, he never did with his current wife.

What a bastard.


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