Waiting for the hammer to drop

So, my lawyer filed financial paperwork last week.  It specifically names my husband’s mistress and lays out all of the evidence I have collected thus far to prove that she is his mistress.  Proof includes messages, facebook posts, pictures and her address on his leave paperwork.

Some pretty good evidence.

It then goes on to ask for him to pay my rent and utilities, gas and groceries, and child support.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000 a month.

Do I think I’ll get all of this? Probably not. But I hope to get a good chunk.

So, why waiting for the hammer to fall?

My doofus husband (couldn’t resist) has taken great pains to make sure that his girlfriend is not dragged into any of the divorce muck.  He yelled at his brother for friending her on Facebook and got very, very upset when I sent a very, very tactful note to her reminding her that the divorce was tearing apart a family.

He’ll be soooooo pissed when he sees that we have named her by name in he financials.

He’ll be even more pissed when he sees the evidence I have against him.

As the JAG lawyer informed me, I have enough information there to squeeze, twist and clip his balls off.  His commander was none too happy, either, when I presented her with the evidence last week.

I truly think that my husband believes that I will go quietly into the night. I think he truly believes that I will put his career ahead of what the children and I need in order to get our lives off the ground without him around.

Boy, is he in for a surprise.

He told me he went to Verizon today, no doubt to ask how he could remove me from the current cell phone plan. Luckily he can’t do it without a $175 penalty until June.  So, I’m good there.

I just want this all to be over and done.  I’m sick to death of waiting for crap to happen to me.  I want to ride the wave and be in charge for awhile.

I mean, is that too much to ask?


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