No, is too much…I sum up….

Yes, I love The Princess Bride. Hence, the title.

Most of you know that my husband asked for a divorce back in July.  He asked for the divorce 10 days after we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and 6 days after he got back in touch with an ex-girlfriend of his through Facebook.

Yeah, I don’t believe in coincidences, either.

July he went to Dover on a TDY and she drove up to visit him.  By his own admission they had sex.  He then spent 9 days in NC with her.  By his own lies he says he didn’t have sex with her.

Yeah, I’ve also got a bridge for sale, if you’re interested.

I hate when blogs do this, but I have to.  If you want to read some of the juvenile messages that they sent back and forth, posts that went onto FB, and whatnot, you can go check out this post, this post, this post, and, well, you get the picture.

Warning – if you read any of my older posts, included the ones linked above, please make sure to have a trash can handy as they may induce vomitting, dizziness, and all around grossness

This all leads up to me having a ton of evidence against him that the JAG and his Commander showed considerable interest in.  Yes, I went to the JAG and the Commander.  I was tired of sitting on all of this information when I was getting nowhere and his orders are coming up on being fulfilled.  I mean, we have less than 2 weeks to the housing preinspection and TMO will be here Jan 20.  I still have nowhere to live.  I went to his commander to get his orders delayed until the financials are finalized.

Still waiting on word of that delay.

However, I did get some good news today.  And this is what my FB status was about:

My husband comes home, an hour late, tonight and tells me that he got his latest EPR.  His Chief sat him down and told him that the LOR he has on his file (from getting fired from his job earlier this year), the fact that I had to go to the JAG to get financial support from him (about 2 months ago), the fact that the Commander had seen all of the messages on Facebook between him and his girlfriend, and that he had notified the entire softball team that he was getting a divorce and had a girlfriend all added up to a 4 on his EPR and effectively ended his career.  He will never make the next rank because of this.  The Chief also told him to be happy with the 4 instead of the 3 that the Chief wanted to give him.

This happens two days after my husband was bragging to his brother about how, when he made the next rank, he would be staying in the military for another 8 years.

Yeah, that’s no longer in the picture, you idiot.

My husband then says, “I don’t know who you have on your Facebook that would have said anything to my Commander.”  I say, “You are the one that was posting all that stuff on your Facebook page.  Maybe you should check to see who you have on your FB page that would be talking about you.  Oh, and maybe you should take into account that YOU, yourself, told the entire softball team about your girlfriend.  This isn’t on me.  It’s all on you.  These are the logical consequences of the decisions that you have made for the past 5 months.”

He walked into the house without another word.

I walked around the corner so I could laugh with abandon.

Now, he just needs to get those financials.  That would make my Christmas.



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