Oh, so the money is all yours? I think not.

My husband has always been funny about money.  It’s always “his” money, even before the divorce thing happened.  He controlled the money.  It was in his account (my name was not on it), he had to approve every purchase and money withdrawal, he had a credit card in his name that was not approved for use by me.

Granted, I’m a bit irresponsible when it comes to money, but this has been the status quo for the past 16 years.

So, for this Christmas, the kids told us that they wanted one thing: an XBox 360.  We explained that if they got this, that would be the only gift they would get.  He ordered said gaming consoles back in September along with new televisions for the kids for their birthdays (one in November and one in January).

Now, back in November, my husband gave our youngest son his television when I wasn’t home and told him that it was from Daddy.  No mention of me or that he even consulted with me about the gift.  So, around Thanksgiving, I removed the oldest’s birthday gift and the Christmas gifts to my friend’s house for safekeeping.  I didn’t want that to happen again.  It was low and despicable.

So, tonight he finally realized that the TV wasn’t where it should be in the garage.

Yeah, he’s just that observant.

He comes busting into my room demanding to know where it is.  I had told him earlier that I had gotten the XBoxes wrapped at the store and that the TV was also in the car and that I was going to bring them in in a few.  He says, “I wanted to wrap them.  They’re from ME.  Maybe if you’d get off your lazy ass and get a job you’d have Christmas gifts to give the kids.”


He’s seriously going to pull this shit at Christmas?  Oh, wait, we are talking about the same man that couldn’t take 10  minutes out of his day to decorate the Christmas tree with his kids without texting his girlfriend.

Yeah, that’s the same guy.  Classy, right?

He couldn’t try to make this a memorable Christmas in all the right ways for the kids?  This is the last Christmas we will spend together as a family, forever.

Cause, as God is my witness, he will not be spending Christmas in my house at any time in the future.

Republicans and Democrats will agree on the color of the sky before that happens.

Like I told my friend tonight, he has behaved like this for the last 16 years.  It’s just taken a nastier edge since he asked for the divorce.

What he fails to understand is that, as long as we are married, the money is OURS.  He doesn’t get to make unilateral decisions about the money and as long as he continues to do so he shows the Court just how dependent upon his money I am.  Which means that I will get more money in the divorce.

Oh, wait, go ahead and don’t understand anything.  It will make everything just peachy for me.


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