Really? You must be super desperate.

So, my husband was served with the financial paperwork.  I was super surprised that he didn’t say anything about it.  I think he was a bit shocked that I had all that information that I had gathered.  The Facebook messages, the pictures, etc.

He told me  he had an appointment with his lawyer yesterday.  He stated that he had to get the Case Information Study to him and then speak with him.  Well, he did the CIS on the family computer, so I took a gander.  In fact, I sent it to my lawyers.  🙂

He claims that the car that we purchased in  January 2011 is a joint asset.   I find that hard to believe, for a couple of reasons: 1) I haven’t had a key to that car since July; and 2) My name is not on the registration or the loan that paid for it.  Yet, he doesn’t mention the student loan that he cosigned and that is, technically, the only debt that we share.  Confusing.

Then he put together a document of Facebook screen captures from my Facebook page.  Now, dear reader, if you are my friend on FB you know that I have been very circumspect about what I post.  You also know, if you read this blog with any regularity, that he got very upset with me calling him a doofus on FB. (If you missed it, you can read it here)

Yet, that wasn’t one of the screen captures that he gave to his lawyer.

See?  Confusing.

No, instead he gave him a screen capture of my FB status where I said that I had been given a great compliment by a friend when she stated that I was more evil than she ever thought.  He also grabbed the one from Thanksgiving break where I commented about how long I thought it would take for the kids to start fighting.

Innocuous posts.  Everyone posts about their children on FB and the compliment thing was not in any kind of context at all.

Underneath these FB posts, he stated that I was constantly asking him to intervene with the children and that I yell at them on a daily basis.  He then goes on to state that when he was in Korea (for a year) that the precious little time he had to talk to the kids, he had to talk to them about their behavior because I couldn’t handle them.

Alright, fair enough opinion.  It’s wrong, but you have every right to think what you want to think.  I just have a couple of questions:

If I can’t handle the children, and you are worried about the damage to their little psyches that will occur when I yell at them on a “daily basis,” and that I can’t manage them without you intervening every day, why in the hell did you leave to spend 9 days with your girlfriend and leave them here with me?  Why did you leave on a TDY for a week (where you met your girlfriend) and leave them here with me?  Why are you getting ready, even as I type this, to leave for 4 days to go to your mother’s house (where you will be meeting your girlfriend) and leaving them here with me?  Why in the HELL did you leave for a year and leave the children here with me?

All of these times, you left them with me, unsupervised, and with no question that I would be able to handle the kids.  You never doubted that the children would be fed, clothed, supervised, clean and behaving in public.  You never questioned whether they would get to school on time.  You never doubted that they would be fine.  You have never doubted this for the past 15 years.

Yet you raise the issue now?

Wow, dude.  Desperate much?



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