10 days

In 10 days I’ll be moving into my new house.  In 9 days, I’ll be appearing in court to see what the judge awards me for living and surviving.  In 14 days, my husband will be on his way to his new base.  In a week, my father will be here for support and helping me move.

All of these things are exciting.  All of these things are nerve wracking.  All of these things are milestones that will mark a new chapter in my life.

I can’t wait for any of these things!

That’s not to say that I’m anywhere near ready to move out.  I still have to pack and go through stuff.  And my days are packed for the next week.  I don’t know how I’m gonna get it all done.

Moving totally sucks.  This will be the first time, in my life, that I have ever had to move myself.  I’ve always had the military move me, so it will definitely be a new experience.

Tomorrow I have to take my dog to meet my new landlord.  I’ll be honest – I’m happy to have a house that I can afford and that is ready for me to move into, but I’m gonna move out of that place as soon as I find somewhere in the school district that I can afford.  He called today to move our appointment because he was drunk.  At 1 p.m. in the afternoon.  Totally wasted.

Doesn’t settle a girl’s nerves any, at all.

I’m seriously stressed, which is why I’m awake at almost 1 am typing this.  Even knowing that at 6 am the base will be playing reveille at an ear shattering volume, followed by the  Army wakeup call, To the Colors.  This entire thing takes 11 minutes.  I know this because I timed it this morning.  For those of you that aren’t sure what reveille sounds like, turn the volume up all the way on  your computer and then watch these:

Yes, these go off at 6 am here on the base.  And we are more than a block away from the speakers.  I can’t imagine if I lived right next to one.  It must blast them out of the house!  Every morning, Monday through Friday, at 6 am this is what we hear.  It’s a delightful way to wake up!

I won’t be missing that at all when I move!

I’m ready to move and get on with my life.  No more messing with his crap or dealing with him being on the phone with his girlfriend at all hours or washing his clothes or cooking his dinner.  It will be nice to be done with him and just get on with our lives.  To start undoing the damage that he did to our youngest son and start picking up the pieces.

In 10 days I move into my new house.

In 10 days I move into my new life.

The first song I’ll play in my new house? This one:

Cause she’s right.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I’m freaking He-Man, baby!!!!


One thought on “10 days

  1. I love logging on and seeing that I have a new post to read from you…I wish I was closer to you so I could help you out, but you got this…You’re a strong woman Robin…..

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