3 days and a wake up

Well, the house is almost packed up and ready to go.  I have way more stuff than I thought I did.  I get the truck tomorrow, so we’ll start loading and putting the stuff in the storage locker to await unloading on Saturday into the house.  It’s been a lot of work, with more to come, but it’s gonna be so worth it.

I signed my lease yesterday and got the landlord to put in an addendum stating that if I give 30 days notice, I can break the lease without penalty.  My landlord is freaking awesome!

My dad finally got here today.  He had a major layover on the way here because his plane broke down. Totally sucked.  He got here around 5 and then went on to his hotel room about 7 because he was so exhausted (he left his house at 6:30 p.m. PST yesterday). I imagine I won’t see him till around 10 tomorrow.  That’s alright.  Gives me a chance to pack up more stuff and get it moved downstairs before he gets here.

I didn’t tell my husband until this afternoon that my father was coming.  I mentioned it real casually, “Man, I can’t believe my dad’s flight got delayed 4 hours!”  He says, “Really?  Where is he going?”  I said, “Didn’t I mention that he’s coming here?  He’ll be here around 5 tonight.”  My husband says, “No, you didn’t mention it.  Friday should be interesting.”

So, I turn that over in my head a minute cause I know he’s talking about his mother coming here.  I say, “I don’t want my father to meet your mother and I don’t want to see her.  Take her straight to the hotel room and then you can bring her over here when I’ve moved out.  If she wants to come over here, you had better damn well stall her cause I’m not going to put up with her shit when I have so much other stuff going on.”  He says, “Alright.  I’ll make sure she doesn’t come over.”

I don’t think it was my tough words that made him concede that he wouldn’t bring her over.  I think it was the fact that he realized I could do damage to the house that he would have to pay for that made him realize that he shouldn’t bring his mother around.

Either way, I’m happy with the result.

Three days and a wake up and I’ll be in my new house.

I can’t wait!

P.S. – theforgottenwife will be taking part in the web-wide protest of the SOPA/PIPA bill tomorrow from 8-8 EST.  Take a moment and read the post about SOPA/PIPA and contact your congressman/woman to let them know that you do not support this bill.  I mean, Rupert Murdoch is advocating for it, so it has to be the work of the devil, right? LOL  j/k

Seriously, educate yourself on what it entails and what it would mean for you and me.  It’s serious stuff, folks, and something we should all be against if we are in favor of free speech.  Thanks!


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