Two more days!

Almost done!  The finish line is in sight and I can’t wait to be done with all of this.  The asshole has been of absolutely no help whatsoever.  In fact, he sat there yesterday and watched me struggle to tape a box closed.  Yeah, he couldn’t even help with that.

My father, on the other hand, has been quite helpful.  I’m thrilled that he is here.  My mother, not so much.  She is still at home in Seattle where they are getting the worst snowfall in over a decade.  They’re calling it Snowmageddon!

She sent a text pix yesterday.  It was still snowing when she sent this:

As much as she loves me and wanted my father here with me, she really would love to have him home right now!

The house is almost completely packed up.  Just a few odds and ends here and there that need to go into a box and we’ll be ready to go.  The garage is totally full with the stuff that I’m taking with me.  All of the assholes stuff fits into the dining room.  Yeah, I’m getting most of the house.  What I don’t get, friends are giving me (i.e., couch, television).  I have wonderful friends and I will never be able to repay them for all of the support that they have given me for the past 6 months.

Wow, has it really been 6 months since he asked for a divorce.  I guess it has.  I can’t wait to see his ass-end leaving for Virginia.  It’ll be a load off of my mind.

Oh, wait, you’ll never believe this.  The vacuum “disappeared.”  Yes, it walked itself into a black hole and just left the house.  *rolling eyes*  He claims that he doesn’t know where it is, but admits that he’s the last person that laid eyes on it.  So, later yesterday he sent me a text message saying that he wanted this specific sex toy that was made for a guy (a Tori – vibrating cockring), stating that I didn’t have the necessary equipment to use it.  He also wanted to know where his black market Viagra was (remember, he took some to NC to visit his whore).  I told him that I hadn’t seen either and they must be with the vacuum. LOL  That sex toy was $120.  Guess he’ll have to figure out how in the hell to buy a new one!

Oh, and if I have to hear one more time about how little money he has to move with or live off of, I’m gonna puke.  It’s called logical consequences, asshole.  Deal with it.

Yes, his mother is coming on Friday.  I told him to keep her away from me and my father.  I don’t want her here and I don’t want to deal with her shit.  He told me that he told her not to come until after 3, but she might not listen.  I told him that if she showed up here and was in any way rude or snarky then I would not be held accountable for anything that might come out of my mouth.  I’ll freaking tell that beotch right off.  I’ve been waiting 16 years to say what I want to her, so he better steer her clear of me.

Well, back to packing.  I’m waiting for my father to show up (he was here at 8 yesterday morning) and have him help me load up the truck.  Gonna try to clear out most of the garage today and have it sit in the truck until Saturday.  I’m hoping to be in the new house by 1 pm Saturday, completely moved in and have everything put back together.

We’ll see how that plan goes.

2 days to freedom!!!

In honor of that, here’s a fave song of mine:


5 thoughts on “Two more days!

  1. So excited for you! I hate packing, and unpacking, but I’m SO EXCITED FOR YOU! A vibrating cockring? Wow. Wonder if my ex-asshole knew about those. That would be right up his alley! 🙂 Good luck with everything, I will be thinking good thoughts for you. Hugs back at ya!!

  2. (((HUGS))) Keeping you & the boys in our thoughts. These are tough days but things will get better. Remember that the best revenge is not to just survive but to thrive. It is good for you and it bugs the heck out of the ex. 🙂

  3. A vibrating cockring..HAVE I BEEN LIVING IN A CAVE???? I love me some sex toys, but I’ve never heard of that one….I need to reread your post….I only remember cock ring, viagara, and vacuum….haha

  4. Hey, your parents live in the same city as I do (I am near Seattle anyway). Snowmageddon was harsh, I hate snow. Currently reading through your posts from the beginning, so many familiar things.

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