All moved in and feeling very free

Well, here I am again.  I was offline for a few days while I moved into my new place.  It was a debacle with snow, the asshole pulling some more of his shennanigans and my friends coming through in a big way.

I’ll post all about it tomorrow.

Tonight, I’m enjoying the quiet.  The kids won’t be here until tomorrow and I am ready for them.  Pictures are on the walls, their beds are made, clothes are washed and put away.  Brownies are fresh from the oven, giving the house an amazing smell.

It feels like home.

That’s all anyone can ask, right?  That the place they are at this exact moment feels right.  And this feels right.  My house is clean, it’s organized and it looks great.

I promise, pictures will be forthcoming in the next few days.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy the quiet and my hard earned freedom.  I’m going to revel in the knowledge that I’m going to make it.  It’ll be hard, but most things worth having are earned the hard way.

I’m OK with that.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about my  move.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about how the asshole let me down yet again and my friends stepped up in a big way.  I’ll tell you all about my landlord (who is the best guy in the world when he’s not getting over a bender) and how my father supported me in a huge way.

But, for now, it’s time for bed.

Sweet dreams, my friends.  Cause mine surely are! 🙂


4 thoughts on “All moved in and feeling very free

  1. So very happy for you now that you’re out of that house you shared with him. There will be times that are hard, but you’ll pull through. Please let me know if you EVER need anything…I’ve been through it with three kids (one was only one year old!!) You have my number-I think I sent it on FB, so please, use it if/when necessary, or just because!

    • Thanks, Kara, I will. I’m so happy to be away from him and the stress of living in the same house with him. It’s been such a relaxing 5 days, even with all the activity of moving in and unpacking. I love this little house and I can’t wait for the kids to get here!

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