What a week. Seriously, seriously glad it’s over.

I don’t get to post as often as I would like here.  At the old house, I could retreat to my room and post in private.  The new place, as much as I love it, doesn’t have anywhere for me to have much privacy.  Added to that, I don’t have wi-fi yet, so I’m stuck at my desk trying to post away.

But, I have some time today and there’s a lot to bring you up to date on.  Bear with me, it may be a little long.

So I had a little bit of a bad week (you can read about it here).  I wasn’t called for another subbing job all week, so my first paycheck as a sub will only be $120.  Not a lot, but it’s all mine.

The youngest has been better.  I chewed him out and laid a serious guilt trip on him and I think it’s gotten a bit better.  We’ll see how long that holds out.

Two days ago, my dog got out of the yard.  Now, I live in a tiny town (actually more of a burg) and I happen to live on the busiest corner of said burg.  I was worried that she would be hit  by a car or that someone would take her.  I mean, she’s so damn cute

I was worried sick about her.  When she would rabbit when we lived on base she could only go so far before she had to stop because there was a perimeter fence.  There’s no perimeter fences in the real world.  I was worried that she would get hit by a car or just not come back at all.

I called my landlord bawling asking him to come and fix the gate.  It was a horrible gate and I was lucky it had kept her in as long as it had.  He didn’t call me back until much later and he obviously hadn’t listened to the voice mail I  had left, where I was blubbering my eyes out.  He actually didn’t call but texted and said that he would be out to put in my laundry hookups early this coming week.

That’s nice and all, Al, but I was calling about the gate.  Thanks.

Luckily she came back by herself.  Looking like this:

I put her in the tub and bathed her.  Which took quite a long time.  She is a husky mix, so all of the water that I poured on her beaded up and rolled right off.  It took over an hour to get her clean.  But she was home and I was thrilled.

So, I decided that I would take the initiative and build a new gate my damn self.  I used the wonderful tools that my friend had given me as a housewarming gift

and I built a brand new gate.  It’s not much to look at, because I had to recycle the wood that made the old gate, but it has new supports, it doesn’t lean and it fits snugly in the opening that is offered.  I still need to put a latch on the gate, but here it is

I needed to cut some of the support wood to make the gate and I asked my landlord if he had a saw.  I knew he was going to be coming to the house yesterday afternoon so I called him.  He sounded a little tentative about helping me.  Mostly cause I think he thought that I wanted him to build the fence.  I  had to reiterate to him that I was building it myself but just needed him to cut the support wood.  When he finally showed up and got the idea he was willing to help me out.

So now I have a new gate 🙂  Who the hell needs a guy around to help with all this stuff (exempting the sawing).  I’m good to go!

The other big thing that I had happen was that I had to call a priest.  Why, you ask?  Well, because we have visitors in the house.  The kind that lived here long before we moved in and have hung around much longer than houseguests should.

Like 70 years more.

My oldest had indicated to me that he heard footsteps in the attic the first night that he slept up there and that he felt like someone was watching him.  I blew it off till the next night.

I was up late reading a book.  At around 130 am, I heard footsteps crossing the attic.  Not from where my son was sleeping, but from the other side of the house towards where my son was sleeping.

I was convinced.  So I contacted a priest.  I have a meeting with him on Tuesday.  Let’s hope he can do something about our visitors.

On a lighter note, the oldest had a dance last night at his high school.  When I went to pick him up at the end of the dance, he was dancing in a circle of, mostly, upperclassmen and having a great time.  He didn’t come out till they turned the lights up and kicked all of the kids out of the auditorium.

I had that  moment of knowing that all of the decisions that I have made, no matter how hard it has been to make them or follow through on them, were perfect for him and his brother.

Made me feel damn good.

Oh, and I taught my friend’s two-year-old to say “hoochie mama” which she has gleefully been calling her mom all this morning.  (Calling her mom that was an unintended, but hilarious, side effect!)

Yeah, life is good! 🙂

It may be hard, but life is damn good.


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