You have got to be freaking kidding me!

For those of you that read my blog (thank you!), you know that my asshole of a husband hasn’t paid a penny in support since he left.  As a recap:

The court ordered him to pay me $2661.70 a month.

The court ordered him to pay me move in expenses, which totaled $3192.

The court ordered him to pay legal expenses for me, amount to be determined.

Now, let’s do a little math.

I moved out of the marital residence on 20 January.  This means that he would owe me $88.73 per day for the rest of January (2661.70/30 days equals $88.73 per day – I used 30 days as an average).

That means that he would have to pay  me $976.03 for the time period of 20-31 January.

He should pay me half of the February payment of $1330.85 on 1 February.

Then the move in expenses of $3192.00.

That means, as of today, he owes me, personally, $5498.88.

He told me, when we spoke on the phone this past Monday, that he had sent two checks to his lawyer. Support payments, he said.

I got the call today that I could go pick those up if I didn’t want to wait for them to get mailed to my lawyer.

So, I hie my butt over there this afternoon and pick up two checks.

One for $244.00.

The other for $375.00.


That is a total of  $619.00 out of the $5498.88 he owes me.

Which means he still owes me another $4879.88.

Does he really think that this is going to cut it?  Hell, that won’t even pay all of the utilities.  That’s barely gas and grocery money.

What the hell is wrong with that man?  Does he not understand that the money that he has to pay me is not to me but for the children????

What a douche.

I told my lawyer to contact his slimy ball of puss of a lawyer and tell him that if I didn’t have the balance of what I was owed by Wednesday of next week, I wanted him to file a motion to compel him to pay.  I’m also going to ask that the tax return be released to me to cover these expenses that he seems unwilling to pay.

Does he think this is a game?  Cause it’s not.

And he better hope it’s not.

Cause if it is…..I’ll win.

Time for that man to face some cold, hard facts.

He WILL lose.

And I’ll enjoy every freaking minute of it.


4 thoughts on “You have got to be freaking kidding me!

  1. So on top of everything else, he can’t do math. So familiar. Can’t you get the state to take the money from him? That way he doesn’t have the ability to fuck with you. Because trust me, he is going to try at every opportunity. They don’t equate the money being for the kids. They somehow think you’re living the high life with their money and starving the children out of spite for him. I finally realized with my own asshole that the reason he believed that was because that’s what HE would do! Stay strong. You will win. XOXO

    • When I filled out the paperwork for the court to get paid, I did fill it out so that I would get it straight from his paycheck. Unfortunatley, it takes 6-8 weeks to get into the system. I can’t wait that long. I would just like him to step up and be a man and take care of his kids. We’ll see what happens.

  2. So sorry he is being such an ass. PDX Running Chick is right, you should garnish his wages. That way you don’t have to go through this crap every time he owes you money. (((HUGS)))

    • I’m working on tha. It takes the court awhile to catch up. As soon as they do, he’ll realize what broke is cause they’ll take it all at once.

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