They’re home!

So, the first visitation weekend is over.

Thank goodness!

I am the consumate mom.  I found that out this weekend.  When the kids left this last Friday, I found that I was bored without them here with me.  Here’s something I thought I would never say:

It was too quiet.

I missed them very much.  I had friends over on Saturday night and had a really good time.

But I missed my kids.

They are truly my life.  They make me happy, even when they are totally ticking me off and frustrating me beyond all belief.

We got home and immediately played a game of Monopoly.  Took us two hours but it was a great two hours.  My boys are home where they belong.

I know that when it comes time for Spring Break and they’re gone for a week I’ll miss them even worse.

But I’ll learn how to get over it.  I have no guilt over them going.  They seem to have had a good time while they were with the asshole their dad, and that makes me smile.  I’m glad they had a good time.  No matter what kind of douche he was to me and the marriage, at least he knows how to treat his kids in a way that makes them happy to see him.

So, life begins again with the kids.  Bedtime will be at a normal hour, not like the midnight I was going to bed at while they were gone.  Brushing of teeth and fighting to get them to go to bed will be the norm.

But I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


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