It’s been awhile….time to play catch up

I remember why I wasn’t posting here as often.  By the time the kiddos get to sleep, my eyes are burning from tiredness.  But, I’m here and I’m gonna spill all.

Like I would give you any less than my best! 🙂

Today is Leap Year and a Hump Day.  Totally awesome!  It’s also my father’s 19th birthday, so I have to give him some love.  (Cause he is the bestest ever!)

I point this out because I’m not sure how I’m gonna top the beginning of this week and I still have two days to go!

Last week the kiddos were sick all week.  The youngest was home from school for three days and the oldest for two.  They’re better now (although the youngest has a lingering cough) and I’m hoping that they stay that way for awhile…..and that I don’t get what they had.

So, onto this week.  So much happened!

Monday I looked to start out badly.  I had stayed up late watching the Oscars the night before (cause Billy Crystal rocks as host) and then got caught up reading “The Hunger Games.”  This is the most awesome book and I highly suggest reading it.  Both of these things led me to not getting to bed until almost 3 am Monday morning.

Of course, Monday morning at 6 am, I got a call to sub.  I had my choice of two schools.  I had subbed twice at the one school and decided to head over to the other school, which I had never subbed at.

I was standing in for a basic skills teacher.  This teacher’s job is to go into the classroom and help children that have been identified, either through testing or teacher intervention, as needing some one-on-one help with reading, writing or math skills.

I was excited about the job because it would be a challenge to me to help these children.  It would give me a chance to work with smaller groups (3-4 kids per class) and give them some intense one-on-one attention.

Unfortunately, it was the start of Read Across America Week.  This meant that the schedule for the day was totally screwy.  In one classroom I sat and listened to the teacher give her class the life story of Dr. Seuss.  In another, I graded papers.  I was actually told to leave one classroom because the teacher had no use for me.  Because of a schedule change, I had 2.5 hours where I had nothing scheduled (lunch and prep).

Here I am exhausted with nothing to do.  I’m sitting at this lady’s desk trying hard not to fall asleep.  I go to the office to ask them where they would like me to go for the rest of the day.  They say, “Go to the library.  Maybe she’ll have something for you to do.”  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.  At 2, I went back to the office and begged for work.  The principal was in the office and she told me to go home.

What a waste of a day.  I feel like I totally stole from the school district.  I’ll get paid for a full day, but I did nothing.

However, on the upside, I got an email from the company that I had interviewed with last August.  They had a final date for the woman whose job they had offered me and they wanted me to send in some information and wanted to see when I was available to meet with them again.  A few emails went back and forth and we set a time for Tuesday morning at 0900 to meet.

Tuesday morning at 1000, I was done filling out the paperwork for my new job!

I’m so excited to be working for these folks.  I’ll be working with soldiers coming home from theater and getting them back to their home bases.  Technically, I’ll be a Demobilization Assistant.  It’s a lot of paperwork and administrative stuff, but I’ll be interacting with people and I know that what I’ll be doing will be for the soldiers.

I can’t wait to start.

Oh, and I got an email from my lawyer.  Now, y’all may remember that my first support check I picked up from my asshole’s lawyer.  I went into the office to pick up the check and when I saw the amount (much less than I had been expecting), I turned to his lawyer and said, “Seriously?  This is it?”

I’ll admit, the way I said it was snarky.  I’ll admit that there was much scorn and disdain in my voice when I asked these questions.  I will admit that I did leave his office, go out to the parking lot and call my father in a panic because I didn’t have enough to cover the rent with this check.  I spoke to my father for 10 minutes in the parking lot and then left.

Tuesday, three weeks after this little encounter at the weasel lawyer’s office, I get an email from my lawyer.  It states:

“Sorry about the news in this email, but as your attorney I must advise you that Mr. S_____ has requested that you do not appear at his office again.  He seems to be of the impression that you caused some sort of commotion last time you were there.  He has advised that he will consider your appearance there in the future as a act of trespassing, at which time he may seek police intervention.”

My reply?

“Wow.  Seriously?  And it took him this long to make this statement?  Obviously my behavior did not make much of an impression.  Whatever.  Didn’t want to go back to his office anyway.  Thanks for the warning about Mr. S____.  It considerably brightened my day!”

You know, I gotta say, for a weasel lawyer, Mr. S much have admirably behaved clients for him to call what I did a “commotion.”  Y’all that know me know I’m capable of a full on ruckus, even worse than a commotion.  🙂  Mr.  S is a jerk and weasel and this email proves it.

ADDENDUM:  After I got done giggling about this email that the weasel lawyer sent, I wondered if it had something to do with the $3000 that the asshole owes me and that he stated he had sent to his lawyer 3 weeks ago.  Sure enough, I got an email today from my lawyer stating that he had heard from the weasel and that the asshole was sending the weasel a check for $2500 and that I would get it soon.  Hmmmmm, me smells a rat.  I told my lawyer that if we did not have a $3000 check in hand by this Friday, 2 March, that my lawyer was to file paperwork first thing Monday morning asking for all move in expenses (I was waiving $130 for the UHaul) and legal fees.  And, that without check in hand, I would be contacting the asshole’s command to let them know that he is not “meeting his financial responsibilities” as ordered by the Court.  I’ll have to see what happens with that.

To cap off my Tuesday, my landlord finally put in the venting system for my dryer.  I washed my sheets and slept on soft, clean sheets Tuesday night.

Man, the only thing better than that is an orgasm.  No joke.

Which brings me to Wednesday.

I spent the early morning today getting fingerprinted and learning more about the job I will be taking.  The more I hear about it, the more excited I am about getting in there and getting my feet wet.  I have to memorize the Army enlisted insignia and rank designations.  I am not familiar with them and some NCO’s get very upset when you call them “sir.”  Better to not upset the soldiers. 🙂

I got home around 11 and my FWB came by and we had a little fun.  I’m actually loving this arrangement.  He doesn’t want any kind of commitment and neither do I, but we enjoy having fun together.  There’s no a lot of conversation, which is fine.  I would never go out to dinner with him or have a “date” with him.  We don’t have that much in common.  Unless we talk sports.  Which I can hold my own in, but I the world is bigger than a football field/basketball court/baseball diamond, you know?  So, we have our fun and we’re both happy.

Life is moving along here in our happy little house.  I’ve never been happier than I am right now.  Sometimes it’s rough, like when the kids don’t listen or the money is an issue, but more often than not life is pretty smooth.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been this happy in more than 16 years.

Makes me wonder why I put up with his sorry ass for so long.



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