I got it!

For those of you that have read my blog in the past, you’ll know a lot of the beginning of this blog.  For everyone else, I sum up.

My soon-to-be ex-asshole was spanked by a judge in the middle of January, being ordered to pay me over $2661  a month in child support and spousal support checks.  He was also told to pay my move in expenses, within reason.

He finally stepped up and has been paying his support checks, but the move in expenses were a sticking point.  He claimed that he had sent me the $3000 check in February and that his lawyer was holding onto it.  His lawyer was claiming that he hadn’t yet received the money from the asshole. 

The situation reminded me of a gubernatorial election in Louisiana back in the 1980’s.  There were two candidates for governor:  Edwin Edwards, a former governor who is, presently, serving time in a federal penitentiary for fraud and other illegal activities while serving; and David Duke, a former grand dragon of the KKK.

Seriously, who do you vote for in that situation?

Along those lines, who do you believe in the sitatuation between the asshole and his weasel lawyer?

Well, come to find out, the weasel lawyer was telling the truth, as far as he could spin it.  I finally, FINALLY received the moving in expenses today, almost 2 months after I moved into my new place.  I’m so excited that I finally have this money in hand.  Not to say that it is all of the money that he owes me (it’s $500 short), but it’s a good feeling to have that kind of money in my account.

On another front, I checked my mail this morning and got a nasty surprise.  An envelope from my lawyer with multiple requests to produce from the asshole’s weasel.  It’s a lot of paperwork and I’m not sure what it’s for, so I have to meet with my lawyer on Thursday to see what’s going on.

Life has been cruising along pretty well for the past couple of weeks.  I’m enjoying single life very much and the kids seems to be adjusting pretty well.  I’m hating having to drive them to school every day, so I’m on the hunt for a house in the school district.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to secure a new abode by September so that they can take advantage of the bussing that the school districts offer.  It would make my life so much easier and be a lot easier on my gas tank!

Oh, and one more very, very important thing.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a week, but have had problems with my computer.

Week ago Monday was my 39th birthday.  I was awakened at 0530 with a hotflash.  Seems the biological clock is ticking along just fine.  That day started like any other.  I got the kids up, took them to school, then drove to the post office to check the mail.  I had a birthday card!  Woohoo!  Nothing better than getting real mail on your birthday, right?

I opened it and it was from a friend that I had met on here, at WordPress.  She’s another blogger and, while I love her blog and will talk about her more later, I don’t want to divulge her name here.  She’s a lovely woman and has been where I am now, having gone through a divorce and trying to, essentially, raise two boys on her own.  She and I have talked quite a bit since I started this blog and I love her take on so many things. 

In this birthday card, she had paid it forward.  Yes, she sent me a check and it touched me so much.  Not because it was money (although, admitedly, that was totally sweet), it was because she cared enough to help me out.  She remembered what it was like to start out into this crazy world without the man that you thought you would spend the rest of your life with.  She remembered what it was like to start all over and how hard it was.  I don’t know that I have ever been so touched in my life by something so sweet from someone whom I have never met in person.  Someone who has never met me, but cared enough to help me out.

I can’t express my thanks enough to her.  The money covered my utility bills and allowed me to go buy a frivolous pair of shoes that make me feel totally sexy! 

Thank you, my friend, for being so good to me!

Till later this week, folks!  I hope that you are all having a terrific week and that everyone, and everything, is smiling on you!


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