Spring has sprung!

This is, hands down, my very favorite time of year.  No question about it.  When the sun starts to shine and the flowers start to come out, I find myself smiling all the time. I feel like those kids – I just want to jump for joy!

  I love spring.  I don’t like the holidays, not even Christmas, as much as I love spring.  I feel like I’m blooming with the flowers and the trees.  I love the birds singing and the squirrels and groundhogs all coming out to frolick in the sun.

I feel like I’m being reborn with the earth.  I rediscover the beauty that lies everywhere around me, seeing it in each flower, each blade of green grass, the scent of the wild onions that grow in my yard.

I even enjoy being at work more when the weather is beautiful!

But this year, especially, I’m loving spring.  It reminds me that, even though things don’t always look beautiful or go beautifully, things will eventually come back to a place where I can appreciate everything again.

I used to watch a television show called “Lie to Me.”  The main female character had just come out of a bad relationship and she said, and I’ll never forget this, “I finally feel like wearing colors again – reds, blues, pinks.  I’m done with the black in my life.”

Today, I sit in a beautiful dress painted in colors of blue, green, yellow and aqua.  My toenails are a beautiful opalescent pink called “Hawaiian Punch.”  I’m wearing an oversized turquoise butterfly ring on my finger.

I’m done with the black in my life.

I pulled a bunch of clothes out of my closet last night and had a grand time figuring out which shoes went with which dresses and which jewelry would go best with the outfits.  It was a blast.  And every single one of those outfits was full of color!  I’m done with the black in my life.

Spring is my upper.  Spring is my anti-depressant.  Spring is my season of rebirth.  It’s a time to fully shed everything that has brought me down in the past.  It’s a time to leave the bitterness behind and embrace, fully, all of the beautiful things that I have in my life.

There are so many.

I go to bed each night realizing how blessed I am.  I know that there are people that care about me and love me and support me. I have two beautiful children and a family that is 100% behind me.

No one else matters, yesterday or today or tomorrow. 

Spring is here.  Embrace the beauty that is inside each of us that nature puts on display for all of us to enjoy. 

Take the road less travelled.  Take the journey that you are destined to take.  And enjoy the beauty around you as you go. 

And leave all that baggage at home.  It’ll just slow you down!


Would love to hear your comments/questions/suggestions! Leave one below!

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