The Bitter Bitch is riding today!

That’s right! I’m back!!!

I know, two posts in one day, but I couldn’t let this slip by.  The Whiny Wife hasn’t let me play in sooooo long!

My mother-in-law (if you want to know more about her, read these posts here and here to get a sample) has never made any bones about not liking me.  She has never shown an iota of interest in me or my children.  When she would come to visit, she made sure that everyone knew that she was only there to see the asshole.

This last New Year’s Eve, she hosted the asshole’s bitch.  She knew that the asshole and I were still married, but she allowed that bitch to stay in her house so that the asshole could spend New Year’s with her.

On top of this, she came down when the asshole was moving and brought the bitch with her.  She lied, repeatedly, as did the asshole and the bitch about who the bitch was.  They all said that she was their “nanny’s nurse,” and she was there to help out. 

Lie after lie after lie.

Lie to me, talk about me, treat me like shit – that’s fine.

Lie to my children, talk about my children, treat my children like shit – now we have a problem.

I told the asshole that his mother was not to come around me at all while she was down in January. When she mentioned that she wanted to come for a visit in November/December, I told him abso-f’n-lutely NOT.  He had asked for a divorce and I didn’t have to pretend to be nice to her anymore.

The last time I saw her was in January when she was in her car in my old driveway looking panicked because she knew that I would see the bitch was there, too.

With any luck, and a lot of maneuvering on my part, that will be the last time I lay eyes on her or any of the asshole’s family.

So, for 15 years she has never bothered to call me and inquire about the kids.  In the 6 years that we have lived here, two hours from her house, she has only been to visit like 5 times.  And the first visit didn’t come till we had been here for over 3 years.  She has never, not once, invited me and the boys to come visit her at her house.

Since I moved out in January, I have gotten more texts from her than in the entire 16 years of my marriage to her son.  Little texts like, “How are the boys?” 

Now, while this may seem innocuous, I can’t help but wonder where this grandmotherly love has been for the last decade and a half. 

I normally answer her with a, “Fine,” and nothing more.

While the oldest was sick this past week, I got a couple of texts from her asking after his health.  I answered nicely and tactfully, letting her know if he is still home sick or whatnot.

But, and this is the kicker, this morning she started out asking me how the boys were and if the oldest was feeling better.  I texted back that he was back in school today (he missed Tuesday-Friday last week).   The following is the rest of our text conversation:

Her:  “Am glad he is better how are you doing”

Her:  “Maybe you and the kids can come visit this summer or i can visit you guys.”

My jaw hung open for a good 3 minutes.  What in the hell was going on here?  Why in the heck would she want me to come visit her (or vice versa)?  She never liked me, she never wanted anything to do with me, she always treated my children badly.  Why in the hell would I go, willingly, to visit her?

I wanted to answer something snarky, like, “Wait….did you get a personality change?” Or, “Who are you and what did you do with Sue?” Or, “So, the Alzheimer’s has progessed that far already, has it?”

OK, I really like the last one! LOL

But I didn’t.  I told her that she would have to talk to the asshole because he had the bulk of summer vacation.

Before she got that message, she texted me, “Are you still doing school work?”

What, we’re buddies now??? 


After I told her to talk to the asshole, she sent one text (“OK”) and then I haven’t heard back from her.

Does she think that I want a relationship with her?  I tried to have a relationship with her, one built on mutual respect and friendship. She didn’t want that.  She much preferred to talk nasty about me behind my back, level accusations against me to the asshole (and anyone else that would listen).  She was nasty to my children and treated them like afterthoughts.  She repeatedly lied to my children and facilitated the asshole’s affair.

Why in the hell would I want her to be a part of my life now?

I flat told the asshole that one of the best things about the divorce was that I would never have to talk to his mother again, and I meant it.

I meant every word.

I will not go to her house and I will not allow her nasty energy in my house. 

I will keep my conversations polite, but I will not talk to her more than I need to.  I have kept answers to a minimum and will continue to do so.

She is not worth my time, she is not worth a thought.  This is one of the last times that I will ever talk about her (although, I have to leave myself an out because I’m sure she’ll do something outrageous) because she is so beneath me.

She is part of my past.  And I’ve left her behind.

Bitter Bitch, out.



2 thoughts on “The Bitter Bitch is riding today!

    • Probably. But does he truly think that I’m going to say anything to his MOTHER, the bane of my existence for the last 16 years? He’s even more out of his mind than I gave him credit for if he thinks that’s ever gonna happen.

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