Well, that’s flattering :)

As women, we recognize that we are very hard on ourselves when it comes to our looks.  We always think we look too fat, or too skinny (yes, I’ve known women like that).  We think our hair looks too gray or needs more color.  The wrinkles that we have earned through our lives look like the Grand Canyon to our eyes.

I am just as guilty of all of these things as anyone else.  In fact, I told my friend just yesterday that I like shrugs cause they, “Fashionably hide my back fat.”

Yes, I’m just as guilty.

We all need little reminders that we look good and desirable to the folks of our chosing, and sometimes to those we wouldn’t chose. 

I never believed the asshole when he would say that I looked sexy.  I figured he was saying it so that he could get some sex or wanted something out of me.  Maybe that was my fault (although, he did expect the sex for the compliment), but I never could believe him. 

And it always surprises me when a man looks at me with an appreciative eye.  I know I’m not horridly ugly, but I don’t think of myself as beautiful.  I’m not skinny, my skin isn’t perfect and I have big feet.  I’ve had two children by C-section, so the idea of having a flat belly without surgical intervention is a pipe dream. 

I’ll admit I’ve dreamed of it. 🙂

Where is all this going?  Well, this morning, I had a soldier ask me for my phone number.  What did I learn from this experience?  Two things:

1) I blush horridly when a man asks me for my number, which doesn’t bode well for my future dating life.

2) I guess I look alright at work.

It was flattering to have him ask.  I turned him down because, honestly, I’m not in the business of taking soldier’s phone numbers at work.  That just seems tacky.  And would make me a “tag chaser.”  Not cool.

I know that he’s younger than I am, so that adds a layer of flattery.  But I was still shocked that he asked.

Hence the blushing mentioned above.

I guess the other thing that I learned is that I should never think that other people see me the way that I see myself.

Oh, and to not be so critical of myself.  Cause there’s enough hate out in the world, and some of it directed at us, without us contributing to that in our own minds.


2 thoughts on “Well, that’s flattering :)

  1. AAAHHHH!!! Are you freakin kidding me??? When you get home…go look in a mirror….And look at how freakin gorgeous you are!!!! Holy Hell Robin!!! And no guy is looking at your feey unless they are in the air…haha..

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