And, second time’s a charm

Earlier tonight I posted a blog.  Well, I posted, but it got lost somewhere in transit and I posted a totally blank page.

Which absolutely sucks!

So, we’ll try again…..

My job is, basically, to help soldiers get home from their overseas assignments.  They come to us to demobilize and we get them through the process as painlessly as possible.  It’s a cruddy process, one that doesn’t allow them to drink any alcohol, wear civilian clothes or leave the base.

Yeah, I know, totally sucks.

I don’t agree with the process, but I understand why it’s there.  I’m there to make sure the process is followed and that the soldiers are happy while they do it.  I know they want to go home.  I know they want to get there as quickly as possible.

They want to go home and kiss their wives, hug their children and see the rest of their families.

I want them to go home and kiss their wives, hug their children and see the rest of their families.

It is with great pride that I serve these men and women coming home from their service overseas.  I love what I do.  I love that my smile may brighten their day or that I can help them solve a problem.  This is the very least that I can do for them and I love doing it.

Sometimes, the process hits a snag.  This is what happened the other day.  And the snag wasn’t paperwork, it was a person.  Needless to say, without divulging too much, I was very upset and I made sure that my sergeant got what he needed to get himself home to take care of what he needed to take care of.

While it felt wonderful to help him (and he did propose marriage after I had helped him – had to decline….divorce and all), and I was smiling to beat the band when he was so sweet to me, there was a moment that was unbelievably sad to me.

He looked at me and said, “I feel like you are the only person in this whole process that truly cared about me.”

How sad is that?  That he felt that I was the only person that cared about him?  We should ALL care, everyone in the process.

But it felt good to know that I had made a difference in his life.  After I had helped him, he brought me these:

This morning, his Captain thanked me for helping the sergeant.  The Captain told me that my smile and personality are the reasons he has been able to bear being here for three weeks.

While I appreciate the sentiment, I find it sad that it’s so hard on these guys when they get back.

We should all be proud to serve these men and women that serve and sacrifice for all of us.

Any who aren’t, shouldn’t be doing this job.


4 thoughts on “And, second time’s a charm

  1. awww how heartwarming and incredibly sad at the same time. I truly hope he finds happiness when he finally gets home and able to resume a ‘semi normal” life. ( as life in the military is never normal) I do understand where he comes from…when you come into a problem sometimes it seems as no organization cares enough to help with the problem…usually you hear “get yourself squared away soldier” and they move on to the next in line.

    • Yeah, and for most things I would agree with that. But I think that the process they have to go through should be easier. They should be able to relax and know that it’s all good. Wish I could do more for them!

  2. When you first started to describe what your job entailed, I felt that you would be perfect for the job and now I think that even more!

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