Spring Break is over

This was the first time that my children have been away from me for a week.  Not the first time I’ve been away from them, but the first time that they have been away from me.  It was very weird to realize that they were going to be doing things that I wouldn’t intimately know about, that I wouldn’t be intimately involved in, that I wouldn’t have any say in.  Each time when I was away from them, they stayed home and I knew they were going to school and doing the things that they did at home.  I was the one always going away and having the adventure.

They had an adventure this week.  Without me.

Just weird.

I’m glad that they had an adventure without me.  It’s good for me to loosen the apron strings and to let them do things, even if it is just with the asshole.  I just wish it was with someone more worthwhile than the asshole.

Yes, he’s their father.  Yes, they need to spend time with him.It’s not long until

But they get to spend so little time and I don’t want them to have to share it with anyone else, especially not on a week break.

Yet, that’s exactly what they did.  They had to share the time with the bitch and her spawn.

Just doesn’t seem fair for them.

Regardless, I enjoyed the break.  I had a great time doing adult things and havin adult time and taking care of me for a week.

I’m recharged and ready for them to come home.  Maybe.  Yeah, I am.

Spring Break is over.

It’s not long until Summer Break.  I know that in a couple of weeks I’ll be counting down those days! 🙂

But, for now, I go back to being just Mom.

One of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

Even when it doesn’t feel like that!


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