Finding my way

I don’t remember what it is to flirt or be flirted with when the end outcome could, possibly, be sex.

I flirt like I breathe.  Always have.  I enjoy interacting with the opposite sex.  I love to see them smile in response to something I said or my smile.  I just enjoy it.

I’m an equal opportunity flirt.  I flirt with girls, too.  Doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to get with them to do anything nasty, but it shows them that I’m into what they are saying at that moment.

I may have crossed a line this week, though.

There’s this guy in my office who is the most un-PC guy you could ever meet, is married and always has a smart comment for everyone that comes around.  I banter back and forth with him and, sometimes, it gets a little risque.  But it’s all in good fun.

Ummmmm, well…..

I guess it got to be a little much for him, or I took it over a line, or something.  I’ve had to seriously back off.  Not that he’s not cute or that I don’t like his personality.

He’s married.

He asked me why I wouldn’t get with him.  I told him because he was married.  I told him that as long as that ring was on his finger, there was no way that I would poach.  He told me, “The ring comes off, you know.” 

Ummmm, still no.

See, in my mind there are two kinds of guys:  those that are safe to flirt with and those that get “flirting with intent.” 

I guess I did a little much with him.  Honestly, though, I thought he could take it.

Guess not.

I live by two mottos:  “Leave no evidence,” and “Don’t piss in your own pond.”  They have served me well through the years and I will continue to live by them.

I enjoy his company and I would love to see how he is outside of the office, but he’s married.  Period.  There’s nothing more for me there.

Time to shift into low gear.  I’m just so out of practice. 

Gotta get back into the swing of things, I guess…find my way.


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