OK, this shit is getting old. Seriously.

I’ve been at my current job for almost 2 months.  I love the job, I enjoy my coworkers and I like coming to work.

I don’t, however, appreciate being thrown under the bus.

Numerous times.

Over the same issues.

Let me ‘splain….

When I took this job 2 months ago, there was no training.  Period.  There was an outdated continuity book (and I mean, outdated, by like 6 years) that I read the first day I was here.  While it gave good basics, it doesn’t address the major issue:

Every single person that I am supposed to help is different.

They have different situations, different issues, different needs that are not all addressed in the continuity book.

Add to this that there was no one coming for me to train on.  At all. For the first two weeks I was at work.  And it has been spotty and sporadic the whole time I’ve been here.

About 2 weeks ago, I sent a packet up for a customer and it was wrong.  I had my coworker (who is considered the “guru” in the office) look at it before I sent it up and she cleared it.  Now, it was wrong (left out paperwork) and this occassioned a visit from someone from headquarters with this directive:

“Maybe, until you get more training, you can sent the packets through Ms. Coworker and she’ll send them up to us.  That way she can look them over before they get to us.”

I wasn’t happy with the spanking, but admitted that I had made a mistake and have been following this directive ever since.  I prepare them, they go through my coworker and she emails them up.  This is supposed to be the failsafe for the packets so that no one further up the chain is inconvenienced or irritated by my mistakes.

Today, I got a phone call from the same lady that spanked me two weeks ago.  Now, in between the spanking and today, I’ve done a few packets (more than 50) and all of them have been spot on.  This is the first one that I’ve had a call back on.  I made a typo error with the date and accepted my spanking like a big girl (I really don’t think that this deserved a spanking but, as they say, shit rolls downhill and I happened to be the recepticle) and fixed the issue.

Yes, this packet went through my coworker.

Then, Mr. W from down the way comes down and tells me that another packet I had done was kicked back because it should have been classified “hardship” and we shouldn’t have done it at all. 

Yes, this packet went through my coworker, as well.

When my supervisor asked about this particular packet, she asked if I had done it.  I said, “Yes.”  She said, “Did you send it up?”  I said, “No, I sent it to Ms. Coworker first, so she could proofread and make sure it was done right, and she sent it up.”

If I’m going to be thrown under the bus, I’m gonna made damn sure that I have company under there!


9 thoughts on “OK, this shit is getting old. Seriously.

  1. AMEN! I have been in that situation (i.e. no training for your job) so many times!!!!! And if you’re required to go through the coworker, she should be right there with you if you’re catching flack for her mistakes!

  2. Damn skippy! I’m all about not making waves and not getting other folks in trouble, but if you’re the “guru” and my mistakes are getting through you, then you’re not doing your job either. Now we have matching tire treads LOL

  3. COSIGN- but I would have been calling folks out sooner. I understand the need for caution and learning the office politics when you are brand-spanking-new in an office, but after they show me that they aren’t going to train me YET they expect me to know the way things are done… all bets are off!

    • I’m with you…hence the throwing on my part. I took it the first time, but that was it. I won’t take it anymore. You want me to do something, I do it. Don’t freaking leave my butt in a sling cause you didn’t do your damn job!

  4. Good luck, I hope things improve. One of my hates is when people blame you for mistakes when they never trained you in the first place. I like your phrase – shit rolls downhill!

    • Thanks, I hope it improves, too! Yeah, it’s an old military saying….that the shit roll starts with the highest rank and gets bigger and bigger (like a snowball) till it lands on the lowest ranking person in line. That would be me today! LOL

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