My favorite time of the day

It’s just gone quarter past 10 and I realize this is my favorite part of the day.

The kids are snugged down and asleep for the night.

There are no sounds in the house but the washing machine running and the keys on my keyboard going “clickety-clack.”

I know that I don’t have anything left to do but floss and brush my teeth and wash and moisturize my face before I, myself, am snugged down and asleep for the night.

The world outside is quiet, except for the occassional croak from the bullfrogs out back and the sound of passing cars.

This is the time when I realize that, no matter what today brought me (joy or pain), tomorrow is a new day.

I know that I will dream beautiful dreams, because I will it so.

I know that tomorrow I will wake, rested and ready to face the day.

I know that, no matter what tomorrow brings, after a night of sleep in my bed, I will be ready and able to take it head on with a smile on my face and a laugh in my voice.

Because, though the weakness dogged me all day today, I know it will not be there tomorrow.

Weakness and I have parted ways, for the moment, knowing that we will once again become intimate friends at some point down the road.

But for today, for this moment, for this night – all is well and right in my world.

I am loved.  And I love.

And what more does one person need?  I am loved by my friends and family, my children and my parents, my sister in every way but blood.

I love all of those people and more.

It’s in the quiet of the night, right before I complete my evening’s actions, that I realize…..

I am a fortunate person.

Sweet Dreams, Dear Reader.  May you have love, and give love, in your day tomorrow.  May you pay forward the kind words that were shared with you.  May you ever have a smile on your face, even when you feel like frowning.

Remember, tomorrow is another day.  It is what you make it.

Good night.


6 thoughts on “My favorite time of the day

  1. I find this time of day to be one of the best as well. There is no expectation that I should be doing anything but what I need to be doing… taking care of myself. We are fortunate for these little reminders that while pain and struggle ebb and flow and build to powerful tsunami’s crashing down on us, there are moments of harmony that remind us to just breath in the beauty of our lives.

    • I love the late evening and the early morning. These are my times. I have a chance to prepare myself for the day and to end my day with quiet reflection. I love those moments, cause Lord knows I don’t have many in between!

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