The Sound of Freedom

I grew up in the Air Force.  My father served over 20 years in the Air Force and I grew up being surrounded by the sound of jet fighters.

There is no sound sweeter….unless you’re on the wrong end of an attack 🙂

Unfortunately, this base and the last one that I was at, only had heavies (cargo/tankers) and weather planes (Hurricane Hunters).  While cool, and serving a very good purpose, they just don’t have the same sound as an F-16 taking off with full after burner.

There is nothing like it.  Click on the link below to hear the Sound of Freedom:

This week is my base’s Air Show.  There will be planes from all over, all different kinds, including the Thunderbirds. 

I can’t wait!

Two F-16’s and an F-18 (I think), just flew over my office.  My smile was as big as the Empire State Building.

These are the sounds that take me back to my youth.  Listening to the planes take off and knowing that those guys were flying for my freedom.  It reminds me of a simpler time, when I didn’t have to worry about getting a divorce or anything stupid like that.

One of my favorite planes is the SR-71.  Decommissioned from active duty in 1991 and brought back on a limited basis after 9/11, this is an amazing piece of hardware.  You can see some amazing flybys in this video (not the best quality, but still….memory evoking for me).

I can’t tell you how many times we thought a bird had hit our picture window and it was only a sonic boom from an SR-71. 🙂

I love that I’m able to take my children to these Air Shows, to share with them some of the fun that I remember from my childhood. 

I can’t wait till Saturday!!!


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