Divorce and taxes

So, back in February, the asshole contacted me and asked me to file taxes.  See, according to the Court, we had to file a joint return this year.  Because the asshole asked for the whole return to pay for his credit card bill (the same credit card that he payed his lawyer with and took the bitch to dinner on), the Court decided that we would have to put the return in a trust held by my lawyer.  From this money, my lawyer would get any court ordered payments.

Right now, the amount paid is $1000 out of our $4000 return.

So, I told him I would file the taxes.  At least then I’d be sure to have a copy of them.  The asshole sent me all of his tax paperwork in February and I sat on it.

For two and half months.

Why?  Because he wanted to have the taxes filed so he could apply for a Pell Grant, furthering his college education while I couldn’t because my tuition money is tied up in the divorce.


I filed on 5 April.

I just sent him the tax return today.

And I sent it to him at his personal email address knowing full well that he does not have internet access at his house.

Yes, because sometimes the Bitter Bitch doesn’t just take over my blog.  Sometimes she takes over my life.

It can be emminently satisfying when she does. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Divorce and taxes

  1. No hold-bars when its a all out war… make him pay for making you cry… he deserve the every goddamn thing you would do to him from now till the end of his life, or whenever you feel at peace with yourself and forgive him, whichever happens first.

    • Thank you for your supportive words. While I don’t want to live my life like a bitter person, sometimes the little actions help to make the bigger picture easier to take. 🙂

      • Well almost of decade with my partner and watching her raise our two kids make me feel that who-so-ever is cruel enough to barter his/her family happiness for something else, should be prepared to for a big battle. Its better that you take out this bitterness rather than keeping it all inside and making your own life and your kids life worse… make him pay for his deeds and have a good life with your kids, That’s my hope and prayer for you.

      • Keep it going. God bless you and your family. Have read so many of your post since yesterday when I first stumbled upon your blog, it all seems so unreal. Facts sometime are crazier than fiction. Your prose style good which makes the stuff that you have gone through more readable. The college education does pays off. Keep writing and making note of it all, also try and see if you can get a job where you can utilize your writing skills. A syndicated column in local newspaper, a book deal would be a dream right now but god willing I am sure you will reach greater heights. You have shown that its not the end of the world for you but rather beginning of a new life.

      • I can’t tell you what it means that you enjoy what I write and that you think I have some little talent for this. I so enjoy doing it and I’m glad that you enjoy reading it! A dream job would be writing for pay, but right now my focus is on my children and what they need to get through the next few years before I set them free to live their own lives. Thank you, again! I so appreciate it!

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