No time….no time at all

Like everyone who has a blog here, or in the world, there seems like there is no time at all to get everything done.  I feel like I don’t have time to breathe, much less fit in the the things that I want to do or enjoy doing.

Here’s a snapshot of my day:

0500 – wake up

0500-0600 – get showered, dressed, hair done, made up, accessorized, etc.

0600-0700 – get children up, dressed, fed, brushed teeth, comb hair, etc.

0700 – 0735 – leave house, take children to school

0735-0750 – travel from youngest son’s school to work

0800-1700 – work

Some nights, I work another job.  That means from 1700 – 1930 I’m at my other job.  On these nights, just remove the quiet time for me and the picking up the house times and that’ll be my night.

Other nights, the rest of my day goes something like this:

1700 – 1730 – pick up children, socialize with babysitter for a minute (seems rude to just pick up kids and run)

1730 – 1735 – get home and greet dog (she insists on at least 5 minutes of rubbin’ and cooin’ before she’s happy)

1735 – 1830 – dinner cooked, eaten, kitchen cleaned up

1830 – 1930 – help children with homework

1930 – 2030 – showers, spend time with kids/spend time unwinding

2030 – 2130  – kids watching TV while I pick up house, make lunches for the next day, thrown in a load of laundry

2130 – bedtime for the kids

2130 – 2200 – take some quiet time for myself

2200 – 2230 – do nightly face washing, etc., then bed

I wish I had time to watch television or crochet/knit (like I love to do), or craft at all.  I wish I had time to go to the gym or take the dog for a walk.

Where do I find this time without sacrificing the other things that need to be done around the house?

I really have to get to bed by 1030, at the latest, otherwise I’m not good for any damn thing the next day.  Gone are the days where I could stay up till 3 am and still be able to function the next day.

I feel like I manage my time pretty well.  I feel like I should be able to fit the workout/walk in there somewhere.  I really want to get to the gym and I would love to walk my dog again.  I used to walk her every evening for at least 4 miles. She loved it, she needed it, and I loved doing it with her.  Maybe, when the weather gets warmer, I’ll be able to swing by and pick her up before I pick up the kids and I’ll be able to walk her before I get home.

I knew that being a single mom would be hard, but damn.  I didn’t realize how hard it would be!

Guess it proves the maxim, “Freedom isn’t free.” 🙂



8 thoughts on “No time….no time at all

  1. I know how u feel and I have a husband! Being the “everything modern woman” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t beat yourself up..get what u can done…I don’t know how much the kids help out but maybe let them clean up and start that cooking ahead thing. There r litterally tons of crock pot meals…u can do and it won’t heat up your house. That should give you more YOU time. If you get 3 days of walks or work outs done…count yourself lucky. Btw bowling ect with the kids counts…as well as cleaning (turn up the tunes and dance while u do it). And well even damn good sex. If u need a modivator..I’m here for ya…could use one myself. I wanna find my inner hottie again.

    • My inner hottie is crying to come out! I watched a Zumba class yesterday (while I was at the gym picking up the book for scoring last night) and I fell in love with it! I’m definitely going to give that a try….when I find the time! LOL

  2. i got tired just reading this – but can relate. it’s 10:00pm here and i JUST got to sit on my butt. oh but wait, i gotta take the dog out now. i feel like i go go go…sleep…then go go go.
    thank god the weekend is almost here

  3. Hi, I really understand and sympathise with you and your tight schedule. Sounds a little bit like my youngest daughter with her two children (ages 1 &1/2, and 4). Her husband is so busy with his job he is most often not able to help her with things so she does most everything herself. Although I am a grandmother now, I know what it is like to try to fit so much into one day. I do that even now, trying to get in everything I want to do, and also walk my dog, help out my daughter babysitting. We also have 18 yr. old twin grandchildren (a boy and girl), the children of our oldest girl. They graduate this year from high school. It helps so much having a supportive, helpful husband. We are 65 and retireing this year, and celebrate our 46th yr. of marriage in July. Anyway, one can only do their best in anything and everything and leave all the rest in God’s hands. Take care.

    • You are a busy lady! Wow, and the spread on the grandchildren – how wonderful for you to have so much loving family around you! And that’s true – we can only do as much as we can do. I’m trying to remember that as I go through my days! Thanks for commenting!

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