A giggle here, a snarl there

I had big plans for this weekend.  Was going to go to NYC on Saturday and hang out with a friend.  Until I found out it was Fleet Week this weekend.

Um, no, thank you.

For those of you unfamiliar with Fleet Week (or have never watched NCIS – amazing how many murders happen during Fleet Week that only Gibbs and his team can solve), let me explain.  Fleet Week is when the entire US Naval Fleet pulls into the port of choice that year and all of the sailors get off the ships and such and go nuts on land.  There are literally thousands of sailors that inundate the port city.  Add in all those that come to see the amazing ships that come into port for Fleet Week (we’re talking A LOT of civilian ships – beautifully preserved ladies from days long past) and Memorial Day Weekend?

Again, no, thank you.

So, instead we headed to Philly.  Now, you might think that Philly would be crowded, but it seemed like everyone had taken off for the Shore.  So my friend and I headed down on 9th Streeet for some famous cheesesteaks at Pat’s, then walked around a bit through his old neighborhood (he had grown up in the area), before heading over to Philly’s Chinatown.

We cruised through there, in the heat and  horrid humidity (when did New Jersey become Mississppi???), checking into the little shops that all Chinatowns seem to have.  You know the ones, where they sell paper umbrellas and fans.  Chopsticks and jade trinkets.  One store we walked into looked like Hello Kitty had spontaneously combusted all over the place.  It was wall-to-wall pink with little kitty faces everywhere!

My sister-in-law would have loved it!

After we were done in Chinatown (read – hot and sweaty and needed to pee), we went to the Gallery, a huge indoor shopping mall in downtown Philly near the convention center.  We both made a bee-line for the pottys and then we found a place to cop a squat for a few while we cooled down.

It really was super hot and humid yesterday.

While we were sitting there chatting and enjoying the air conditioning, I noticed this guy walking towards us.  Now, there were no shops where we were sitting except for this shoe store which had all manner of tennis shoes and such for outrageous prices.  This guy was obviously headed for that store.  He turned to walk into the store, made too sharp of a turn and ran face first into the glass!

He didn’t raise his hands to stop himself, he didn’t break stride.  He ran right into the glass!  My friend and I sat there for a minute, watching to see what he would do.  He walked into the store, like nothing had happened, leaving only a nose print on the glass as testimony to his misstep.

My friend and I laughed so hard I cried.

That guy stayed in that store and shopped for a good 20 minutes before he walked out again, sending my friend and I into peals of more laughter when we saw him.

Seriously, I’m giggling just thinking about this!

When we were finally cooled off, we were heading for the stairs to go back up to street level and my friend pulled me into a Hallmark store.  I noticed that they had those wonderful hand painted wine glasses there and went to check them out.  I ended up buying one for a pregnant friend of mine, one that said, basically, “Congrats on the baby!  Now that you’re not pregnant, let’s have a glass of wine!”  I thought she would really like it.

I took the glass up to the counter to pay and the lady says to me, “Are you buying this for your daughter?”

Ex-squeeze me?

My daughter?  Do I seriously look like I have a daughter who is 21 and about to have my grandchild?

I know that I’m 39 and that I  had been walking all over that day and didn’t necessarily look my best, but seriously?

Honey, I think you need new glasses!

I actually turned to my friend and asked him, after a moment of stunned silence, “Do I seriously look like I have a 21 year old daughter about to have a baby?”

He says, “No, not at all.”

Smart man.

Let me just say here, as a bit of information for all of you to store away into your brains for such a scenario down the road:  This kind of question ranks right up there with asking, “So when’s the baby due?” when you’re not at all sure that the woman is pregnant.  Save yourself much trouble and embarassment by not asking questions such as these. They will only lead to snarky comments and bad feelings all around.

We headed for home soon after this little incident and spent a pleasant evening in conversation and watching a couple of movies.

Today, I did nothing.  At all.

It was wonderful.

I hope you all had a terrific weekend, that it was filled with friends and nose-prints on glass 🙂

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.


13 thoughts on “A giggle here, a snarl there

  1. Nice work. See, Philly is a fun place for all types. Even guys who walk into glass. They really should have hung a sign on it or something, you know, just in case…

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