Prayers needed, please

One of the most amazing things about blogging are the terrific people that you meet here.

I have one of those amazing people that need your help, right now.

Prayers, healing energy, whatever you want to send her way in Dallas would be welcome.

Priscilla writes a blog called onlinedatingjournal.  She is a terrific person and she needs our help.

On 26 May, her mother and stepfather were out for a ride on their motorcycle.

They were hit by a semi-truck, 18 wheeler.

They were life-flighted to a hospital and are in a coma.

Today, 27 May, they are not doing so well.

Please take a second to think about her and her family.  She can use all of the prayers and strength that you can send her way.

Thank you so much.


7 thoughts on “Prayers needed, please

  1. I will certainly remember to pray for this couple. My thoughts and prayers go out to this young woman. One cannot know what our tomorrows bring. They are all in God’s hands, but who better to trust our life to than to Him. We can only take each day at a time and live it for Him.

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