I don’t usually use this blog for any kind of political postings.  I am bound and determine to stay as quiet as possible about the upcoming elections and the dirty deeds that are going on in Florida and Louisiana. 

I am a liberal and I have a feeling I would tick off some of my readers if I aired my political views here 🙂

But I couldn’t pass this one up at all.

As a student of American History, I am well aware of the roadblocks that women have faced, the hurdles they have jumped, to have the rights that they have today.  I understand what they were denied and how hard my ancestors worked to get me the right to vote and the right to hold jobs that were traditionally considered a man’s place.

I am not a hard core feminist, but I do believe that women are capable of doing most everything that a man can do.  To tar an entire gender with “Well, they can’t do that becuase they are women,” takes away the very sigular, individual element.  Maybe I can’t, but maybe that woman can.  I can’t lift 175lbs easily, but maybe the woman standing next to me can.  It is just as unfair to say that I can’t do something simply cause I have two X chromosomes as to say that someone can’t do it because of the color of their skin or the religion that they chose to practice.

Everyone should be judged on their capabilities individually and no doors should be closed because of gender, skin color, race, religion or sexual orientation.

This I believe to my core.

So it was very upsetting to me to read this story about a softball coach, of a winning program, being replaced simply because they wanted a female coach for the program.  They felt that the school not having any female coaches reflected badly upon the school.

And replacing a winning coach simply because he has a penis and not tits doesn’t?

Do we have the whole story here?  Maybe not.  But the fact that the parents of this program are supporting this coach says a lot to me.  Is he coaching a traditionally female sport?  Sure, but does that make him a bad coach?  I mean, basketball is traditionally a male sport, but someone tell Pat Summit (one of the winningest basketball coaches in all of history) that she shouldn’t coach that sport cause she isn’t male.

The superintendent of the school in question stated:

“I felt like it was an opportunity to fill that position with a female coach … because we don’t currently have any female coaches at Beauregard High School,” Lee County Schools Superintendent Dr. Stephen Nowlin told the News. “I think it’s important to have some.”

He then went on to state, with absolutely no irony:

“That’s just kind of the rationale, is that we need female coaches, too. We need a mixture. We need to have equality in our program for boys and girls in terms of sports that are offered, we need to have equality for them in terms of facilities, and then we need to have males and females among the coaching staff. That’s just what I believe and what I think we legally have to try to do.” (emphasis mine)

In order to show the children equality, you are going to remove a male coach because you think that you should have a female coach?  You are going to replace this gentleman based solely on his gender.  Because there is no word in there about him being incompetent.  There is nothing said about him being less than stellar at his job.  Just that he is male.

The irony is thick here….but I don’t think that the superintendent gets it.

The coach in question stated that he believed he was a victim of “reverse discrimination.”

Sir, there is no such thing as “reverse discrimination” any more than there is “reverse racism.”  There is just discrimination.  Once you discriminate against a person based solely on their gender, then you are discriminatory.


I think that this is incredibly unfair. Both for the coach and for the children who will see this happen and draw their own conclusions.  These are high schoolers we’re talking about.  They aren’t stupid children.  These are children that are going to see discrimination played out in their own backyard. 

Hopefully they will learn from it and not perpetuate the same mistakes that the adults in their life are making.

Because I think that’s all we can hope for in this situation.


5 thoughts on “Ummmm…..what?

  1. if this were in new jersey, i would have to answers. 1. affirmative action. every district has an affirmative action officer who is to monitor these situations and make it right. maybe all states have that, not sure. 2. “in house.” in NJ, let’s say i have a male coach in my district but he does not work in my district. that’s okay as long as there is nobody IN my district who wants the job. i could have the greatest male coach ever who works in another town. if the biggest idiot in my district now wants the job, i must give it to them, i have no choice.

    as for talking about your politics – never hesitate. your ideas and ideals are part of you. people follow and read you not because of anything other than to know what YOU think. just be you, no matter what.

    • I’m with you on both of these. Especially number 2. The GS system of federal jobs is like this and it’s nuts. If someone isn’t qualified but is already in the system, they get preference over everyone else. It’s ridiculous! And, thank you for your vote of confidence 🙂

  2. This….is bullshit. I’m sick of affirmative action, if this even qualifies as such. People should be evaluated individually, not based on gender, race, or any other physical criteria? Who’s the best for the job? That should be the determining factor for anything.

    • I don’t know that it qualifies as affirmative action, so much as the superintendent showing their butt. I completely agree with your comment, though. If the coach is good, then why is he being fired? Just because he is a man? That is what makes no sense to me.

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