Do I O-ffend???

This is a sad little tale about the bitches I work with.  Well, not physically, but I do have to interact with them and, technically, they are co-workers.  These are women that are so rude, so vile, so unimaginably horrible that I can’t even fathom why they are still employed by my contractor.


Our only job is helping soldiers returning from theater get home.  That’s it. These are men and women that are gone from their families for 400 days + and the least we can do is spare them a smile and a nice attitude.

These women can’t manage that.

I had to call down there this morning (something I dread having to do at any given time) and the conversation went like this:

*ring, ring*

She picks up:  “I’m at lunch.”

Me:  “Excuse me?”

Her: “I’m at lunch, make it snappy.”

Me: “Then why did you answer your phone?”

Her: “What do you want?” (All of this is said with super attitude, like her shit just don’t stink)

Me: “The soldiers I sent down to you have changed categories due to a mix up….”

Her: “I saw the email. Why are you bothering me on my lunch?”

Me: “Enjoy your lunch….” *said with a smile*

Are you kidding me?  Are you freaking joking me?

See, this was a lose-lose situation for me.  Had I not called, she would have called my supervisor and bitched that I had sent her soldiers under false pretenses, even though the call came from on-high and I didn’t get that notice till I had already sent her 3 people.  However, because I did call (and it was her lunch – why the hell did she pick up the phone anyway?), I still got yelled at and treated like a piece of dog shit.

There have been numerous complaints about their attitude and disrespect, from coworkers and from soldiers alike.

Yet they still work here.

So, no, I haven’t bothered to complain.  However, I did document.  I’m not going to complain because, obviously, it does no good.  And when I have mentioned it before, all I get is a knowing shake of  the head and a comment like, “That’s just how they are.”


Why is that acceptable?  Why is it acceptable that people are allowed to treat other folks with such disrespect and get away with it?  I just don’t understand.  And everyone in the chain knows that these people are rude and yet they do nothing about it.

Just sad.

So, I find myself wondering, as Ducky in “Pretty in Pink” did – Do I O-ffend???

Cause I don’t think that the problem here is me.



38 thoughts on “Do I O-ffend???

  1. Some people just have attitudes as ugly as they are. I have a guy in my office that surfs the internet all day, but nothing is ever done about it. I don’t get it and try not to care, but sometimes it just gets to me.

    • Yeah, I can understand why it would get to you. Luckily for me, I surf the internet all day and no one says anything….cause they’re all doing it, too! 🙂 My job is “customer” driven and we have no “customers” right now. And won’t for a bit. But I can understand why that would totally tick you off.

      • Well, if there was nothing to do I wouldn’t care. But work is piled up and he’s doing none of it. Ugh.

        But, at least I don’t have to deal with some ginormous bitch like you do. So there’s that…

  2. I dont get it any more than you do! What is wrong with people a smile and a good attitude goes a long way. Just keep doing what you are doing, someone notices. One day someone is going to piss off the WRONG person and that will be the end of that. Pray for Karma to play catch up!

  3. Your not being unreasonable at all!! From my experience if you bring up a problem to your supervisor about another employee they assume YOU are the trouble maker and rattletale. Not to mention, these days it seems like the less work you do and the less you give a shit about your job, the more successfull you will become in the workplace.

    • Exactly! Why is that???? I mean, I’m identifing a problem with the personnel. Not because I’m tattling, but because they treat the soldiers (and everyone else) like crap. It’s ridiculous. But, I deal with it and folks know that I’m not the issue (for the most part). We’ll see how it all plays out….

  4. One can never understand other people’s bad attitudes or behavior, only let it pass with some grace and focus on more pleasant things and the friends you have that are kind and considerate. One day, those people that treated you and others badly will see themselves for the kind of people they are and hopefully they will change before it is too late. If not, it is their loss, not yours. Time and life is too short to worry over them. I am sending out a card today for your grandfather. I hope he will have an awesome birthday. God bless.

  5. So sad but true. Seems women can cause great pain and suffering for other women from jelously and insecurities. I say trust GOD in Jesus Christ name to help you, Bloom where GOD has planted you. Love yourself and stay away from toxic people, just do your job and ignore the people they are indeed sad, broken people. Hurting people hurt people.

  6. My goodness, I thought I was the only one who had to deal with rude women at the office. If it makes you feel any better, I just want to share that I abhor them and avoid them like the plague. I work with the most vicious and malicious people on Earth and Human Resources does nothing, absolutely NOTHING about it. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

    • Isn’t it ridiculous that those that are in power to do something about these horrible people, don’t. Ridiculous that they are allowed to behave in that manner in a place where they are supposed to be displaying professionalism!

  7. Her: “I’m at lunch, make it snappy.”
    Me: “Then why did you answer your phone?”
    Her: “What do you want?” (All of this is said with super attitude, like her shit just don’t stink)
    Response choices:
    A) Me: Call me when you’re done. Bye
    B) Me: I’ll email you. Bye.
    C) Me: I wanted to tell you ignay itwats fogint foxtry, Bye.

    • LOL! She had the temerity to complain about my “lack of professionalism,” if you can believe that!!! Whatev…not worth my time or worry. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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