Friday Fictioneers 6/8/12

Another week, another challenge from Madison Woods.  Madison welcomes all comers, so come try your hand at writing some flash fiction!

Like last week, mine is a few words over.  Critique is always welcome!!

Onto the Flash Fiction!!!

This week’s photo prompt:



“Where are we?”

“I don’t know.  The GPS isn’t working.”

“Maybe we should land?”

“How about over there?  That looks like a nice spot.”

“Yeah, that looks good.”

“Let’s set it down and see if we meet anyone that can tell us where we are.”

They landed the blimp safely, getting out slowly, gazing in awe at a place like neither had ever seen.  Flowers grew inordinately large here, in every imaginable color.  They could hear small voices coming from the small buildings that surrounded them.

A tiny man in top hat and tails came toward them.

“Welcome to Munchinkinland,” he said, with a smile.


76 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 6/8/12

  1. Hmmm… taking the blimp to Munchkinland. Interesting way to get there. I never would have expected to be able to get there that easily. I may have to invest in a blimp.

      • Share it! Everyone that participates is wonderful and an not a mean one amongst them. I promise. I felt the same way when I did my first one. Not only was it my first Friday Fictioneer but it was my first poem. I was terrified! But it went really well. Please share….you are such an amazing writer!!!

      • Ok, does it matter that i have posted stuff already today or can i post it later tonight? Sorry i am being such a bother…nervous lol

      • No, not a bother. Post it tonight, if you’d like (I posted a day early) and then make sure to come back here and post your link. Then, when you go to Madison’s page (the link is at the top of this post), make sure to put your link to your blog post there, too. Then, when you read other Friday Fictioneer stories, you make sure to comment and post your link in the comment. It’s a wonderful way to read so many terrific writers and expose your own writing. I know it’ll be great! I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore! As a former Kansas resident for 10 years, I welcome all Oz fiction. This was a fun read. Thanks for the nice comment on my story, and yes, sadly, the history is true. So many people infringed on Goodyear’s patent that he was not able to make much off his own invention. And can you believe we had debtor’s prison in the U.S.!

    • Thank you for the kind comment. I was afraid that the history was true and he’s not the first person to get done like that. I know we had debtor’s prisons and I know that we have modern vesions of them today. Ridiculous! How do they think they’re going to get paid if they are in prison??? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I, too, liked the voyage to munchkinland (but at the first mention of inordinately large flowers and small buildings, like Russell I thought of Brobdingnagland). If you do not object, I have a couple of small and picky criticisms (pet peeves, really). With so much else going on … especially in the longer, descriptive paragraph … the adjectives “nice” and “small” are not as effective as other word choices might have been. They are neutral (at best), whereas other adjectives might have helped paint a better, more precise picture. The exact adjectives you choose could emphasize the point you’re trying to make, act as counterpoints, present some foreshadowing, or anything else you want them to do. For example, instead of landing in a “nice” spot, it might have looked “lovely”, “interesting”, “colorful”, “dainty”, “brilliant” …

    Just a thought, and hope you take the suggestion as constructive. I appreciate what you said about mine, but maybe others could offer some advice, too. It can be seen at

    • I have a confession to make *hangs head in shame*…..I’ve never read Gulliver’s Travels. However, *brightens perceptively* I LOVED The Wizard of Oz!! Hence Munchkinland. I had the hardest time with this prompt, really hard! Thanks for stopping by! I’m heading over to yours now!

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