I stumbled on to Boomie Bol about a week ago. Amazing writer.

Boomie Bol

I sit back and I stare
I stare at their pictures
And I wonder

How can I help them?
How can I save them?
When they cannot save themselves

I sit back and I imagine
What can be done about
Their many unfortunate plights
The diseases and devastations
Plaguing them and their kinds
Passed down many generations

I sit back and wonder
Why their government
Is so callous and inhumane
Selfish and corrupt
Personal ambition rules their hearts

It has overtaken their mental
They offer no compassion
They have no shame

When little children
Our future is dropping to their death
Like flies and pesky bugs

Yet they pay no attention
They ignore the reality

Can they not see?
Are they so blinded
By greed and evil
The minds can no longer fathom
The sad and preventable truth around them

I sit back and I stare
I stare at their…

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9 thoughts on “

    • Of course! It was a beautifully written piece. You would be surprised how many people feel the same way….it’s such a HUGE problem. How do we help? Almost paralyzed with fear and inaction…thank you for writing it.

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