Don’t people move, or die???

I live in the middle of Nowhere, New Jersey.

Yes, I know.  When you think of New Jersey, you get images in your head:

But, sadly, this is not where I live.  Well, maybe not sadly.

No, I live in a place that looks like this:

We’re more likely to have dead deer on the side of the road than dead wiseguys.

What does that mean for me? 

It means a shortage of housing in the school district that I want my children to continue to attend.

When the asshole first asked me for a divorce, I searched for housing, but I wasn’t in any place, financially or legally, where I could move out and into my own place.  There were two houses available in 5 different school districts (the high school gets students from 5 feeder districts) that would allow me to keep the kids in the same schools that they had been attending for the past 6 school years.

Now there are zero.

Seriously, since January, there have been zero houses available for rent in the school district.  Where I live now would require them to go to a school that is crowded, ghetto and has a horrible graduation rate.  And with my oldest son having autism, I get sick just thinking about sending him there.

At this point, I’m just not sure what to do.  But, I’m staring down the barrel of the gun and it’s not getting any better.

If I wanted to purchase a house (oh, I want, but can’t afford to), that wouldn’t be a problem.  But my credit isn’t the best (it’s not horrible, just not great) and I really don’t make enough money for a house payment.

I’m just kind of at a loss as to what to do here.  I mean, we have a house and it’s nice.  But the schools are a HUGE issue for me.

Y’all send out some positive vibes for me to the universe, please.  I’d appreciate it.

Now, back to the internet to hunt something up.



11 thoughts on “Don’t people move, or die???

  1. I wish I had some useful advice for you, but I know what you’re just now finding out. Being on your own after a divorce sucks. It’s tough going from two incomes to one.

    You’ll get things figured out, though, and they will get better.

  2. Wow. What a bind to be in. It’s interesting to hear the kinds of rules people have to live by, subject to their location. Where I live, in Toronto, a student can not always get into an out of district school, but once they are in a school, they would never be asked to leave regardless of address. Our system, like our schools, is far from perfect, but it’s a comfort for a family already dealing with transitions to know they will always be welcome at their school. I hope things improve!

  3. I have no idea if this will work on the east coast but (shhhh) my sister in law uses a cousin’s address to keep her son in the school they want. I have two kids getting special ed support (Asperger’s) so I know the right school is priceless. I may have been okay switching schools every two years, but for these guys, it’d lead to a cascade failure on every level. And I will ohm like crazy for you.

    • yeah, I thought about that. But the school district requires guardianship paperwork and since my only family members live on a military base, the school district knows that I can’t move in with them as it’s against regulations. I’ve a meeting with my lawyer tomorrow. Maybe he’ll have some ideas.

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