The Shirt

I watched you leave feeling like the shirt you left behind

Rumpled and Crumpled

Forgotten and forlorn

Still warm from your touch

The memories of your arms wrapped around me

Your lips hot and wet on my neck leaving trails of kisses

On my ear whispering words of love

Never promising eternity

Only right now

I know that time and distance don’t matter

The love will always be there

It’s not our time now and it may never be

But we will always have the memories of the love shared

And I will always have the shirt to hold close to my heart


10 thoughts on “The Shirt

      • Thanks. The pic doesn’t do it justice. It’s actually quite colourful…..lots of turquoise, dark teal and blue hues. I may have my kids’ zodiac signs added on top or amongst the waves.
        Speaking of tats, 2 men tattooed my name on their bodies. I wonder if they ever had them re-done? Hmmmm…..LOL Oh well.

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