I wrote about a teacher getting fired in an earlier post. This just goes to back up what I said in my post. From an ex-teacher, no less.

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Education has been most of my life since around 2001.

For a time, while taking classes, I lived, ate, and breathed education. I immersed myself, gladly, in its fumes and let it make me giddy with knowledge. The thing I looked forward to most was getting ideas across to students. Not just Science or Math or English, but living experiences, telling my stories, helping them to become better people.

My first couple of years, I got to do this. Then I got more productive with work and learned how to wedge the stories in between and along with the work. Then I learned to make the stories a part of the work.

Now, it is different. I think it is scary.Scary because I no longer believe that education has our children’s best interests at heart.

In my checking, I believe Indiana has it the worst; however, that is the only…

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