It’s a Vagina, Mr. Speaker.

Now, I’m sure we’ve all heard about Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown (D) being silenced for saying the word “vagina” on the House floor when debating a health bill that sought to put the life of a 20 week old fetus above the life of the mother.  (The story and video can be found here and further video of other women fighting this bill can be found here)

She was removed from the House floor and barred from participating in any further debate on this bill because the word she used was deemed “offensive” and one that the Speaker “would not use in mixed company.”

What word do you use, sir?

Pussy?  Snatch? Bearded clam?  Cooter?  Beaver? Cunt? The Promised Land?  Puntang? Roast Beef Curtains?  Lunchmeat? Meat wallet?  Down there? Vajayjay? Twat? Vadge? Verticle Smile? Whispering Eye?

Quivering mound of love pudding?

What other word would the Speaker have chosen for discussing a medical bill about medical issues to do with a woman?

I’m puzzled.

See, I think that the Speaker doesn’t think about vaginas in a physcial sense.  He certainly never talks about them – unless he’s talking about legislating them.

It seems that the Speaker and his ultra Conservative right-wing friends wish to legislate women’s vaginas, but not mention them.  Like they are something nasty and naughty.

The medical term for vagina is “vagina.”

Imagine that.

And, Mr. Speaker, you should take note that a bunch of your constituents have them.  And we use them.

Sometimes we use them all by ourselves.  Something that is sometimes more satisfying than using them with our partners.

I mean, it’s like reading a book.  You don’t always want to read the book aloud to be shared by all and sundry.

It’s kind of funny, too, Mr. Speaker, that those of us with vaginas have brains.  And we have opinions.  It may be a news flash to you that we use our brains to form opinions and then we use those opinions to guide us at the polls.

When you ban a woman from speaking out about a health bill that will clearly impact her, and other women’s, health for using a medical term describing what you are trying to legislate, other vaginas women may get upset and not vote you back into office.

Another point, Mr. Speaker, that I would like to make.  Why in the world is a very partisan group like Right to Life helping you write legislation?  This point was brought up on the floor by Rep. Dian Slavens (D).  Right to Life is an ultra-right wing conservative pro-life group that does not have the best interests of vaginas women in mind when constructing legislation.  They care only for the fetuses at the detriment to the vagina’s women’s health.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a proponent of abortion.  I’m a proponent of women being able to make the best health care choices for them, without any kind of legislation barring them from any choice that they may want to make.

If this includes an abortion due to circumstances like incest or rape, or because carrying the baby will create a major health problem for the mother, then they should have a safe option for getting that procedure done.

To bar a woman from participating in any kind of debate about the health care choices of their vaginas because they  use the medical term “vagina,” is ridiculous.

It’s be like telling the Viagra people that they couldn’t say “erection” in their marketing campaign.

I find it ludicrous that you don’t want to hear the word “vagina” because it is so offensive to you, yet you insist upon trying to legislate it to the nth degree.

If you cannot bring yourself to say the word “vagina” in mixed company, then maybe you should keep out of every vagina in your State until you’re invited to occupy it.

No vaginas were harmed in the making of this post.  All slang used in this post can be found here.



23 thoughts on “It’s a Vagina, Mr. Speaker.

    • I don’t understand it either. And, honestly, if you want to legislate it, then you should call it what it is. If you want to make a law regarding a tree, don’t you call it a “tree?” Same rule applies. If you get offended talking about, then don’t talk about it. That would sure solve a lot of these issues!

  1. One of the best posts I’ve read in some time. Men, particularly the Speaker, are really not too swift, despite protestations to the contrary by the collective majority of them. If this clown gets reelected, i’d leave the state as fast as possible.



    • Thank you. I think it’s more shocking to me how many women seem to think that these men are doing things in their best interest. They need to wake up and smell the coffee. It is disheartening to me to see how many extremists are put into power. To be honest, I don’t think that Sharia law is a threat at all. It’s conservative folks that think they have the right to regulate what I do with my body and my reproductive organs. That scares me….

  2. Yeah, this is stupid. I don’t know what this sudden movement is about to change all these laws regarding women’s health. Everything was perfectly fine (as far as I know) and then the Right began proposing idiotic laws in every state. These idiots are starting to scare me with some of the stuff they’re trying to do.

    • They scare you??? Try having a vagina and then realizing that these are the people that were voted into office!!! I am very, VERY scared of where this country is going and how they are trying to take away my choices simply because I’m a woman. I think I would feel better if they would just come out and say, “Hey, you have a *ahem* vagina and we don’t think you’re smart enough to make choices about your health. Cause we have a dick and we know better than you!” At least that would be up front! I dislike that organizations such as Right to Life are having any hand in crafting legislation. These people do not espouse my opinions nor are they there in my best interests. Stop messing around in my vagina – I didn’t invite you to be there. When I do invite you to be there, you’ll know it!

      • No, you seem to be a level headed kind of guy! 🙂 Sorry….I really am just scared about where this country is going and what it will mean for myself and other women in the very near future. It is very worrisome.

      • Yes, I know. I get a little worried when religious extremists try to run things. These are the same people that will talk shit about Islamic extremists all day…but then they’re doing almost the exact same things…

      • THANK YOU!!! They would damn you to hell if they heard you compare them to Islamic extremists, but what they are doing is just another form of terrorism under the guise of their religion. But don’t say that, because their god is right and no one else’s is. It is scary. Their god is not my God and they should do well to remember that. The scariest part? The fact that they have millions of dollars to do these things, which means that millions of people support them. That is so freaking scary to me!

  3. “Those of us with vaginas have brains.” We also have votes. And we need to organize and throw out those folks who are trying to legislate our bodies. Perhaps we should have a litmus test. Hmmmmm.

    Vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina.

  4. I saw the story on that. I don’t usually talk about vaginas in mixed company either. Nor penises. Nor my hernia surgery. Nor anyone’s surgery. Some people have no sense whatsoever.

    • I understand why you wouldn’t at a cocktail party or at work. But when you are debating a health care bill that will severely limit what a woman can do health wise, then you need to be prepared to hear the medical terms of what you are trying to legislate. Otherwise, don’t try to legislate it.

      • There are so many things that legislators should not try to legislate. I fear it’s a hopeless situation, and it’s not going to get any better anytime soon. We need to vote 100% of everyone out of office and start anew. Sadly, everyone thinks their own representatives are great. It’s everyone else’s representatives that are the problem………….

      • Hehe – that last line is absolute truth! I don’t think that my representatives are great. I think that most of them are corrupt, old school, old guard and entrenched. We need new folks with new ideas that have an iota of common sense!

      • My Economics 301 professor at Texas A&M University was an old-school tenured professor named Phil Gramm. He gave up his tenured professorship that paid about $100,000 a year and went into politics, eventually becoming a U.S. Senator from Texas. When he retired from politics he got to keep his campaign war chest, which, according to news reports, had $64 million in it. That’s when I understood why the Heinzes, du Ponts, Kennedys, etc., go into politics. It’s not to serve the public; it’s to have more money and power than they ever dreamed of.

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