ARGH!!! WordPress, why do you vex me so???

I love WordPress, honestly.  Truly.  I love blogging and I love the community here.  I looked around and around for a good place to start my blog and this was the home that I settled on.

I checked out the neighbors and found that they were quirky and fun, like me. 

Whoa – partying way hard!

Sometimes they party hard, but that’s fine. 

Most of the time, they are happy to sit down with a cuppa and just hang out. 

Some of the neighbors are my soul-siblings.  I love reading what they write and feeling like they have a window into my soul.

But, for the most part, coming here is like going to the neighborhood block party that you can’t wait for every year and you hope will never end. 


But lately, coming here has been stressful?  Why, you ask, when it seems to be such a great place to hang out?

Well, my newspaper isn’t being delivered on time:

Where’s my reading material???

And my notifications don’t seem to be working correctly:

And my main page tab of notifications doesn’t seem to be working, so I’m missing messages:

These haven’t updated for 5 days now.

Now, granted, these screen captures are from a work computer, but I can’t get them to work at home, either!

Oh, and I can’t upload video from my computer at home.  AFTER I paid the $60 usage fee!  That is so annoying. 

I have notified WordPress, but they are of the opinion that it has something to do with my computer.  But, here’s what I keep telling them:

I had no problems until you “updated” your notifications tab.  Now, there’s problems.

They keep pushing me to use Google Chrome or Firefox, two browsers I don’t want to use.  I don’t want to use Firefox cause their firewall is nonexistant (even though I have virus protection on my computer) and I don’t like Google Chrome, so I’ll stick with my IE9.

Which, by the way, is one of the most used internet browsers out there.

Doesn’t WordPress understand that I need my daily dose of blogs like I need air?  Don’t they understand that this is how I pass my time?

Without WordPress, what would I do?????

Please, WordPress, help me out.

Or, at least, offer me a refund!



Well, because of this:





19 thoughts on “ARGH!!! WordPress, why do you vex me so???

  1. Yes, it happened to me as well. Try updating your Adobe flash player. It still didn’t work for me when I updated, so now I use Google Chrome, and it works fine. So maybe it is IE who hasn’t updated their software, etc.

  2. I have had some trouble with this as well. I will say that Firefox, according to the experts, is the most secure browser out there. I use it at work and I use Chrome at home. IE is the suck.

  3. You mean you have to pay in order to insert YouTube videos? I did not know that. Wait! I’ve done YouTube videos with no problem because I have videos for my Music on Monday series. Hmmm. I’m confused, but that’s kind of expected with WordPress I guess.

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