Why make an appointment then?

Appointment:  An arrangement to do something or meet someone at a particular time and place.

I need a hair cut.  I have my hair cut short now (just this morning, one of the soldiers said I reminded him of Jamie Lee Curtis – I’ll take that compliment, thank you!) and it needs to be trimmed at regular intervals. 

Why is the Browns’ football helmet orange?

Otherwise it just lays there like a brown football helmet. 

Knowing that I was going to be busy tonight and tomorrow with trying to get out of town, I thought, “Hey, I’ll go get it trimmed on lunch today.  Then I don’t have to worry about it.”

So, after much hunting and calling of operators, I found the number for the salon on base.  Yes, I use them.  Yes, I’ve been happy with the cuts I get there.  And, as an added bonus, it’s the only salon within 20 minutes of my office.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll reiterate:  I live in BFE, New Jersey.  Not a lot around here.

I make an appointment for 1130.  I leave work at 1120.  This give me plenty of time to get there and check in for my apopintment.  In fact, I walked in 5 minutes early.

Please keep in mind that I only have an hour lunch.

I check in and both of the stylists are busy.  No worries, I think to myself.  I have an appointment.  I’m golden!  I called and scheduled a time for me to come in and have my hair trimmed up so that I would look alright this weekend when I went out with friends.  Those three folks sitting there are no worry of mine, cause I have an appointment.

I held onto that appointment harder than Charlie held onto that damn Golden Ticket.

So, as I stand there waiting, the lady that is supposed to cut my hair walks up.

“I know you’re scheduled for an 1130, but I won’t be able to get to you until 12.  Is that alright?”

Um, what?

Did I not have an appointment?  Did I not make sure that I had my schedule clear so that I could get my appointment in?  Did I not just hunt down your number and call you for an appointment to make sure that I could get my trim on my lunch hour? 

So, no.  That’s not alright.  No, I’m not going to wait around.   No, I don’t have anything else I can do that will eat up that half hour between when you were supposed to take me and when you’re gonna be able to get around to me.

Why bother booking me for an appointment then????

Rest assured that I’ll be telling everyone that your customers aren’t important enough to see by their appointment time and that you don’t even offer a basic apology for your issues.

So, here I sit, without my hair cut.

On the upside, when I checked my mail, I had a check for $100 in there! 🙂

Yeah, that went a long way to soothing my ruffled feathers!


13 thoughts on “Why make an appointment then?

  1. The Browns’ original helmets were white, but the NFL forbade wearing light colored helmets during night games so in the early 50s the Browns had white helmets for day games and added orange ones for nigh games. Legend is that orange was Head Coach Paul Brown’s (who the team was named after) recently deceased son’s favorite color, although knowing Brown he may have just picked a color that was easy to see at night.

  2. I must say that just even the sound of the $100 bucks after such annoying time had to smooth everything and make it better 😀

  3. From Experience it sounds like she probably took a color when she wasn’t busy and it ran over all the other appointments. Id have left as well. The only time I have had a problem with getting a cut was when I went in and they had walk ins and they werent busy. The Stylist was free and she took me back we consulted and she was like well….we could do this BUT I only have 45 minutes before I Have to be at my second job and i dont want to rush. OK Great…I dont want you to rush on my hair either…thanks. So I we set up a time for the next morning. It worked out perfectly.
    And just because I feel like throwing it out there, Im overdue for a cut BUT I think Im going back to waaaay short. I’m over this styling every day crap AND have it ruined by our awful winds we seem to get all summer long ( thanks Arizona and your monsoons!)I can hardly wait! I just have to decide how and where i wanna go.

    • No, this wasn’t a coloring gone long. This was a miscommunication between the two stylists there, and therefore, not my problem. I would understand if it was something that went longer, but not a miscommunication. Can’t wait to see pics of your new do!!!

  4. What has the world come to that we need make appointments and they are worthless, too?

    Like having a 3:00 PM doctor’s appointment that you call ahead to make sure that he/she is running on time, and be told that (after pressing several buttons and having to leave a message for someone to call you back) that the doctor is running on time, only to get there and they are running 2 hours late. AARRGGHH!

    I’ve read that several people are now taking their doctors to small claims court and collecting settlements in the amount of their salaries for their wasted time waiting in the office.

    Maybe try it at your salon. Let me know if it works.


  5. I could handle a half hour I think. What I can’t handle is when I need a plumber or electrician or the cable guy:

    “Would you like to make an appointment?”

    “Yes, I would. Thanks.”

    “I have available next Tuesday between 8 and 5.”

    “That sounds good. How about 10:00?”

    “Oh we don’t schedule for specific times, just Tuesday between 8 and 5.”

    “Well how am I supposed to be here to let you in? Am I supposed to take the whole day off and wait around for you?”

    “Most people do, yes.”

    “Well, not me. Thank you, though. Bye.”

    • Yeah, that’s one of the reasons that I dumped cable. I wasn’t going to sit around and wait for them to come to my house. Yeah, a waste of time, is what that is. I would normally have been able to handle a half hour, but I was on my lunch HOUR. Therefore, I didn’t have enough time. That’s why I made an appointment 🙂

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