Hello Tennessee!

The drive down from Jersey was hellish. Twelve hours on the road with two kids. I think that qualifies as Dante’s 5th ring of hell…had there been cars and road trips when dante was alive.

We got stuck outside of D.C. for an hour going nowhere. I listened to the entire Nirvana Nevermind CD while looking at the same tree on the side of the road. Yeah, it really was that bad.

But we did drive over the Potomac and the Shenandoah rivers and through Haper Valley (google Harper Valley PTA song…you’ll like it). Then through Pigeon Forger where, the billboards tell me, they’ve built the Titanic. Why they felt compelled to do that, I have no idea. But they sure are proud of it.

I am sad to say that I sounded a lot like my mother on the drive down. “Don’t touch him!” “Don’t cross that line!” “Stop whining!” “Please! I’m begging! 5 minutes of silence in memorium of my nerves!”

It was a very long 12 hours.

Numerous Dr. Peppers, two vivarin and a couple of almost car wrecks and we were at my friend’s house.

I texted my mother to let her know I got here in one piece, brushed my teeth and fell into a coma.

Now, to turn around and do it again tomorrow. Sans kids.

I’m looking forward to it! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Hello Tennessee!

  1. what do you mean they built the Titanic … that was built in Belfast Northern Ireland in 1912 and this year they are celebrating a big party … why is a bit of an enigma to me

  2. we drove to from Ohio to Maryland this past weekend. It was better this time cause I had Bryan with me so he did the driving and I tended to the Aviendha. Last time it sucked so bad….just me the kids, a rainstorm from hell and a broken windshield wiper on a dark turnpike….horrific…

    • I love road trips. Just not tired from getting up at 5am and working and THEN hitting the road. I also dislike traffic. Very much. There’s a lot of it on the East Coast. 😦 But, I got home in one piece and I’m happy about that 🙂

  3. why were you in jersey? you shoulda told me, i would have had you over for lunch. you likely went down the turnpike (95) and i’m often just minutes from exit 2. 😦

      • exit 7. a little north of 195. i’m usually around exit 2, around mullica hill, woodbury, but i’m often in the medford/marlton area as well as a lot of time near atlantic city.

  4. TFW,
    Random fact about French Montrealer: We are sometimes called “pepper” because of “Dr. Pepper”. Back in the days, and I mean, 19xx, we drank a great deal of it, and our English bosses (English owned businesses back day, the French community was the working class) ended up tagging us “Peppers”. Same for “Pepsi”. And for the record, it’s not a nice way to call us… So when you visit… avoid it!
    Le Clown

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