Gossipy Mother F**kers! GET A LIFE!

So, earlier today I posted about the meeting I had with my boss about the rumors going around that I was fraternizing (read – screwing) the soldiers I work with.

I was commanded to come to a meeting with my contract head, my supervisor’s supervisor and my supervisor this afternoon.  In effect, I was called to carpet to answer allegations that I was “becoming too familiar with” some of the soldiers.

The meeting consisted of my contract head going over the policies and procedures of the contract and my being told that I should be careful of what I do because folks talk.

I asked who had made the accusation and what the allegations consisted of.

What I learned:

1) Soldiers who are bored will gossip.

2) I cannot hand my keys to anyone without being accused of sleeping with them.

3)  The gossipy soldiers told their commander about this and then he reported it to my higher ups.

Yes, it wasn’t a contractor or a woman that reported me or complained.  It was a male Army soldier. 

Are you kidding me?

I think I was most upset with the fact that they had reported it to their commander.  This is a man that I have to work with on a professional basis.  Now, you and I live in the real world.  If a man thinks that a woman sleeps around (whether it’s true or not), he’ll never look at her in a professional manner.  He will always treat her as less than because he thinks that she’s a slut.

This is truth.  I’ve had it happen to me before. 

Let me make clear:  I am not a slut.  I do not sleep around.  I am never anything but professional with the men and women that I work with.  I am a friendly person, I smile and chat, but I would never sleep with someone that I work with.

And if the best you can do is that I gave my keys to someone, well then you live a sad little life.

Now, these soldiers that had issues are the same ones that have talked about my tits and the fact that I “get around”.  The getting around thing is based on one soldier seeing me in conversation with various people on a one day at the base exchange.

Um, I’ve lived here for 7 years.  I know a few folks.  Old and young.  Men and women. 

Doesn’t mean I sleep with them.

I listened to everything that needed to be said.  I saw red when I heard that the commander had received the complaint.

At that point, I said, “Talk doesn’t bother me.  Never has.  These guys that I work with habitually talk about my tits and who I might be sleeping with. I blow them off.  But when they want to make unfounded allegations to their boss that could cost me my job, well, that’s a whole other story.  So, you go right on back to their commander and tell him to get his boys in line.  Because if I’m going to be called to carpet, I’m not going to be called alone.  I’m not wanting to file sexual harassment charges, but I do want to make him aware that the talk in the office is a bit inappropriate and I want it handled.”

Talk about my tits?  I don’t give a shit.  They are fabulous.  I know, I live with them.  You’ll never see them up close and personal.

Speculate about my sex life?  I don’t give a shit. Cause you’re never, ever gonna know about it first hand.

Make unfounded allegations that could cost me my job?  Then we’re all going to be miserable together.

I am not someone you can shat upon without consequences.  Especially when the shat is unfounded and ridiculous.

Handed my keys to someone?????  Seriously?

I have not ever handed my keys to anyone but friends, and that’s rarely.  Yeah, I handed my keys to a soldier.  A friend that was demobilizing here and wasn’t part of our demob process.  They knew he was my friend.  They knew that we went way back.  He needed to borrow my car.  I didn’t leave with him.  I didn’t go out with him. 

And if I did, that’s none of your business.  He’s not your soldier, he doesn’t belong to us.  He had left my section before I did that (the soldiers can’t drive while they are with us). 

If the basis of your allegations is me doing my friend a good turn, then you can bite me and stuff this job.

If you think I acted inappropriately, take it to my supervisor or myself.  I will take my spanking like a big girl or I’ll explain the situation and it will die.

Oh, by the way, this key thing happened almost 3 months ago.

Yeah, things move slow with the Army.

Gossip is not a good thing.  I’ve been guilty of it in the past.  I don’t do it much anymore because it just brings unwanted drama and it hurts the person that you gossip about.  Ask the question of the person before you make any kind of speculation.  Then you’ll get the straight story right from the horse’s mouth.

Then I wouldn’t be called to carpet and you wouldn’t be about to get a spanking from your commander.

I enjoy an occassional spanking. 

I’m hoping you don’t.


32 thoughts on “Gossipy Mother F**kers! GET A LIFE!

  1. Sorry you have to deal with this. I’m assuming this dude is probably hating on you. How low of him to start un founded drama. Glad you are staying on top of things

  2. When I left my line unit and came to a Navy/Marine command, most of the permanent personnel were the same. When I was a Marine Grunt in my line unit, this crap didnt happen. Glad I was only out of my line unit for 2 years.

  3. Sorry you’re dealing with this, it definitely sucks.

    HOWEVER, due to your two last posts your site is now labeled as “pornography” where I work so I can no longer view your blog at work. Way to go.

    Lastly, all this talk about proof has me thinking about your claim that you have big tits. Pics, or it didn’t happen. Lol, just kidding.

    • Oh no! I’m sorry! That totally sucks! And I didn’t say they were big, I said they were spectacular. You assumed they were big….maybe, if all of the stars align and rainbows shoot out of my dog’s butt, you’ll get to see for yourself :p

      • Dammit!! Well, either way…pics or it didn’t happen!

        Yeah, it does suck. I had to wait all day until I got home to find out what happened. Some people don’t have anything better to do than to stick their nose were it doesn’t belong. It’s sad, really, that they have no life of their own to keep them occupied.

      • I’m so sorry that I got my blog banned at your work 😦 That sucks! Actually, I’m surprised I wasn’t banned after the post about the Michigan Speaker of the House. Guess I’m lucky that your firewall held out that long!

        It is a sad thing that they have to get into my business. I’m thinking they won’t like it when I’m done here.

  4. I was surprised to see how much gossip there actually is in the military when I enlisted. It’s a tragedy. Sorry you had to deal with this. Hopefully it dies quick.

  5. It sucks people don’t know how to act in real life. In this world, however, I have no problem saying I would love to see your tits, after all the ruckus…..LOL

  6. Good on you, stand your ground and remain strong willed! And remember CYA. (cover your ass). I guess in your work environment some of them are still prejudiced and assumed you would just whither and fall inline. Bet you surprised them and they will think twice from now on 🙂

  7. Not all guys gossip. But the ones that do are usually envious. If your body is the topic of conversation, then I’m not surprised regarding the rumors that were reported. If this were a civilian population, the men would have been boasting about sleeping with you rather than gossiping about who you slept with. Either way, the woman is always a slut. She can’t win. Nice to know the double standard is still alive and kicking.

    • Oh, yes, that double standard is working well. Maybe they are gossiping about who I slept with and my source is too polite to tell me. Who knows. Like I said, that kind of talk rolls off….until I’m accused of something that could cost me my job. Then we all have to suffer together! 🙂

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