“They” said WHAT?

Coming back to work sucks after a vacation!

Just to reinforce the fact that it is a Monday morning, I got called into my boss’s office.

Whenever I get called into the boss’s office and she asks me to take a seat and close the door, you know it’s not going to be good.

This was no exception.

Someone has been spreading rumors.  Someone has been saying that I am screwing some of the soldiers I work with. Someone who doesn’t even work in the same building with me.

Not screwing one, not screwing two, but screwing “some.”

No specifics were given.  No proof was offered.  No names were named.

Except mine.

Now, I’m alright with a little gossip.  I’m new, I’m an unknown, I’m single and I (in my opinion) look alright.  I’m a little flirty, I’m definitely friendly and I have a way with people.  Oh, and the guys talk about my tits.  Yeah, that’s always a nice little piece of information to have….

But what the hell is wrong with people that they have to level an accusation like that? 

There are several reasons that I have a problem with this.  Let me ennumerate them for you:

1) My husband left me for an adulterous bitch.  Why would I do that to anyone else?  None of the soldiers I work with are single.

2) You have no proof.  Unless you have pictures of the proof in my “quivering mound of love pudding,” shut the hell up!

3) Who I screw is none of your business.

4) This accusation could cost me my job.

Yes, that last one is definitely the most serious of the bunch.  “Fraternization” with the soldiers could cost me my job.

Oh, and now I’m the talk of the office, and not in a good way.  In fact, one of my coworkers walked in and had a little discussion with my office mate about me in hushed tones.  How do I know it was about me?  Well, the words, “slut,” “fucking,” and my name all were a little loud.

Plus, I have good enough hearing that, as my mother always said, I can hear a fly fart.

Yeah, that fart would be preferrable to hearing myself referred to as a slut in the office.

I have a three mottos in life:

– “Life life full out and regret only the paths not taken.”

– “Leave no evidence.”

– “Don’t piss in your own pond.”

Now, the last two are especially appropriate to my sex life.  I don’t want to leave any evidence and I don’t piss in my own pond. Meaning, I don’t screw people in my circle of friends or from my job.

Yes, I have sex.  Yes, I have it with different people.  No, I don’t screw anyone that is married.  Period.  Which means that I’m not having sex with anyone at work.  Which means that I’m  not fraternizing.

So, kiss the hell off.

I have to have a meeting with my supervisor’s supervisor so that they can “double tap” the fact that I shouldn’t be screwing anyone at work.

I will be demanding proof and names.  I want to know who I was accused of screwing. 

That way I can figure out if I enjoyed this imaginary sex or not.

Cause this is bullshit.  If you don’t have enough of a life that you have to invade mine, then I’m going to at least have the satisfaction of knowing who my accuser is and who I, supposedly, had sex with.

I mean, if I had sex with someone, I hope they at least picked someone that was halfway decent looking.  It would be even worse if they accused me of having sex with one of the “handsomely challenged” folks I work with.

And if they want to manufacture stories, I’ll point them to WordPress where their fiction may be welcome.

Cause their fiction isn’t welcome in my life or my job.

UPDATEYou can find out about the aftermath of the afternoon meeting here ~


44 thoughts on ““They” said WHAT?

  1. oh my gosh how frustrating! geez! Lies are so damaging and I hope whoever started this one about you is going to GET IT.

  2. 1.first look and see in your policys for your job if gossiping is prohibited and if it is one for you. 2. the people saying these things should be punished 3. make sure anything they give you to sign dont sign on the dotted line (write up) you can write in your own words your commments on the back page and sign that and on the line where they want you to write your name just put read attached page or turn over. never sign where they want you to because it is agreeing with what they say, 3.request in writing for the names of the people that are starting these rumors.4. and if it keeps going on file a grievence. 5. ask for copies of everything that they have. (write ups, anything they have in writing) 6. if they persue anything get a lawyer.

    i am here if you need anything.. 🙂

    always remember people who accuse others for things are normally the ones that are doing it. stick to your ground, but be very cautious your the new girl. and dont let them pull the wool over you eye..

    • Thank you for the wonderful advice. I’ll make sure to follow all of it. I’m not signing a damn thing and I know that they can’t make me. Supposedly this is just a “verbal” counseling. Although, I’m not sure why I need counseling. I haven’t done anything wrong! We’ll see how it goes. I’ll let you know if I need any more advice!

  3. People should be very careful of what they say…Nasty rumors will definitely come back and bite them where it hurts the most. It’s very inconsiderate and cruel of them to do that.

  4. I’m outraged on your behalf. Believing gossip is like thinking reality TV is well, real. I’m glad you’re maintaining a sense of humor despite the stress. Your writing style is entertaining!

  5. Pingback: Gossipy Mother F**kers! GET A LIFE! | theforgottenwife

      • Be sure and keep a record in a journal at home. Time – Date – names of the supervisors who talked to you – the name of the coworker you overheard talking about you – Write down what they told you. That way you will be able to show that this has been an ongoing problem if it continues.

        Other then that sounds like someone is jealous and is out to get rid of you.

      • I’ve already started the documentation and will be continuing. And, yes, I think they’re hating…but I won’t leave quietly or easily. I may just lose my job. I can get another one. But I’ll be damned if they walk out unscathed and it’s their career we’re talking about.

  6. handsomely challenged. i like that. these are people who are jealous of you. it’s like when a male actor or singer becomes popular, and there are people who will dislike him and start rumours that he’s gay. haters gotta hate. instead of improving their own lives, these fools are trying to disturb your life. this way, they’re hoping you’ll be down and miserable like they are.

    • Well, if that’s their goal, it’s working….for today. I’ll be taking all that control back after I talk to some more folks today. Not gonna play this game. And if they force me to, I’ll win. Simple as that. I can’t control the civilians that I work with, but I am familiar enough with the military structure to be able to do something there.

  7. Crap boss…. I don’t entertain “he said, she said” bullshit… I chase people out my office if they bring that crap to me. At work we work…. and blog a little 😉

  8. This is an awful story! You work with awful people who need you to calmly walk up to them and say sweetly ” I really need to talk to you. You seem to know a little about these terrible rumors, they are awful and so untrue! I don’t ever even date anyone I work with, and only sometimes I date guys from my church. Who is it supposed to be because I would like to talk to them and get this straightened out once and for all.” This will take all the fun out of it for them. They sound jealous. Men always talk about tits.

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